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Grow your influence with UITP

As one of its three missions, UITP engages with decision-makers, international organisations and other key stakeholders to promote and defend public transport and sustainable mobility solutions.

In order to secure a supportive policy and business environment for public transport, UITP promotes the idea that public transport should play a major role in any urban mobility policy. By highlighting its benefits beyond the mobility sphere, UITP also promotes public transport within the wider policy framework.  

Advocacy activities support UITP’s strategy for public transport by aligning stakeholders outside the public transport sector with the strategy objectives. Read more...


UITP and CAMET will strengthen the collaboration between their members and promote excellence in the development of metro systems in China.


Portrait of Taïb Chabbi whose photograph of Brussel's Schuman station won him second-place.


UITP stresses the need for a truly global effort in severely reducing carbon emissions.


Pere Calvet, General Manager of FGC Barcelona, takes over from Masaki Ogata as the new UITP President.



2nd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Dubai 2018
20/04/2018 > 25/04/2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3rd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Stockholm 2019
07/06/2019 > 12/06/2019
Stockholm, Sweden

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