Asia Pacific CTE (Singapore)

Opened in partnership with the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) in August 2012, the Asia Pacific CTE is an all-encompassing centre for land transport experts, particularly in the public transport and sustainable mobility domains.

Located within the LTA Academy, the centre also provides training and support to land transport administrations and practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of the key initiatives of the CTE has been the launch of the biennial LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE), the first edition of which was held in 2013. The international congress, jointly organised by LTA and UITP, combines the World Urban Transport Leaders Summit (WUTLS), World Roads Conference (WRC) and World Urban Transit Conference (WUTC), organised by LTA, with the series of Asia Pacific Congresses, organised by UITP.


  • Consolidate, transfer and disseminate transport knowledge and best practices within the Asia-Pacific region
  • Develop and promote transport policies and sustainable solutions, meeting the specific needs and aspirations of the Asia-Pacific region’s citizens
  • Support the promotion of the public transport sector in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve the UITP objective of doubling the market share of public transport worldwide by 2025
  • Conduct and facilitate urban transport-related research activities within the Asia-Pacific region
  • Stimulate and enhance experience exchange within the region, as well as between Asia-Pacific and other regions of the world


UITP Singapore Centre for Transport Excellence
c/o Land Transport Authority, Singapore
71 Chai Chee Street
Singapore 468981
Block 5, Level 2, LTA Academy
Tel: +65 6396 1553 | Fax: +65 6396 1585 | Email:


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