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UITPANZ’s Training Programme on Public Transport Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to public transport in Australia and New Zealand. The Programme provides delegates fundamental knowledge on a wide range of topics and issues in the contemporary public transport sector. The Programme combines UITP’s international knowledge with presentations from local experts in public transport authorities, operators and suppliers. The course also provides opportunities for participants to take part in interactive discussions and to share their experiences with other professionals new to public transport.

A Training Brochure with further information about the Training Programme is available for download here


Our expert trainers and speakers will be confirmed shortly.


The course covers a broad range of topics and issues that are designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of PT planning principles. The PT Fundamentals course does change from session to session based on local regional requirements, but our core course structure remains relatively constant and packs plenty of content into three days. There are:

  • 8 formal 90 minute modules
  • A local technical study tour
  • A local CEO keynote presentation
  • A group project that spans the three days

The 8 formal modules cover:

  • Introduction to Public Transport Modes
  • Policies for Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Local Public Transport and Planning Frameworks
  • Public Transport Commercials – Funding, Revenue, Costs and Pricing
  • Public Transport Industry Structures – Organisation, Regulation, and Contracting
  • Marketing and Customer Experience Management in Public Transport
  • Technology and Systems in Public Transport
  • Innovation and New Trends in Public Transport


More information on the course and details on how to register can be found on this link:


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Cliftons Melbourne

440 Collins St 

Melbourne, Victoria



Our expert trainers and speakers will be confirmed shortly.

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