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Ticketing is the key for public transport operators or authority to collect fare from the passengers. Nowadays, the increasing use of technology supports the need of various fare types, payment method transforming from classic paper tickets to contactless cards and smart phones, while opening up endless opportunities for data collection and analysis. The challenge starts with trying to understand about closed-loop vs open-loop, card-centric vs system-centric, prepaid vs post-paid, account-based ticketing, open payment, SIM-centric mobile ticketing, Secure Element, HCE, interoperability, multiservice, beacons, NFC, QR code…and so on.

Reach your objectives

With the aim to improve operational efficiency and adapt to new challenges on fare management and ticketing, the course aims at:

  • Understand, analyse and discuss available ticketing systems and fare management trends
  • Giving a worldwide overview of practices and solutions in ticketing
  • Lay the basis of tariff structures, pricing and fare policy, essential to the design of a ticketing solution
  • Detailing the different technologies and solutions on the market
  • Discuss the opportunities created by account based and mobile ticketing and learn from practice on their implementation 
  • Discuss implications for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

A top level methodology

  • Getting inspired by trainers, understanding the main aspects of ticketing and fare management systems
  • Participate to interactive plenary sessions with introduction by course leaders, presentation by the trainer and open discussion with participants
  • Challenge your practical knowledge on ticketing and fare management
  • Address the topic from an international perspective, enriched by different cultural approaches and points of views
  • Participate to practical exercises and case studies
  • Benefit from a unique exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals
  • Exchange experiences and discuss key topics during workshops in smaller groups

UITP Training Programmes and all related processes are certified for ISO29990:2010 – the standard for learning services for non-formal education and training.

Who is it for?

  • Staff from public transport operators or authorities responsible for the ticketing systems
  • Staff from the industry worldwide involved in the market uptake in this area: ITS companies, app-developers, software compilers.
  • Professionals from operations, engineering, finance departments.
  • Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on ticketing and fare management and eager to learn more from best practice worldwide

Inspiring trainers & guest speakers

All UITP trainers are top level transport and mobility professionals with extensive experience in public transport and operations from different regions of the world. In addition UITP invites guest speakers to illustrate specific solutions, practices and case studies.

Our lead trainer is Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation. Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong.

Other trainers are:

  • Paul Gwynn, Managing Director, Init Asia Pacific, Singapore




Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation and Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong

Paul Gwynn, Managing Director, Init Asia Pacific, Singapore



Note: the order of sessions is subject to change

Ticketing, Tariff structures, Pricing and Fare policy

  • Fundamental objectives of fare collection
  • Tariff structures, product range, fare levels, payment media
  • Strategic issues, regulatory and Institutional frameworks
  • Cost Coverage Ratio, Compensation and concessionary fares, Subvention, Funding Alternatives
  • Setting Fare Principles, Price Setting, Affordability, Equity, Fare Elasticity
  • Fare Adjustment Mechanisms, Fare Adjustment Formula
  • Ticket & Fare integration, Revenue Distribution
  • Fare Products, Fare capping, Frequency-based discounts, Mileage service, Sales channels incentives, Time-of-day pricing, Minus ride system
  • Fare avoidance and fare evasion: strategies to control them - psychology of fare evasion - revenue control mechanisms

Electronic ticketing: solutions, technologies & usage

  • From paper ticketing to E-ticketing
  • The technology: How does it work?
  • Automated Fare Collection Systems, Smart Card Systems
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Open or closed systems
  • Examples of check-in systems and check-in/check-out systems
  • NFC, EMV, ID-based ticketing
  • Account Based Ticketing, blockchain, mobile
  • Interoperability / cross country / exchange rate etc.
  • Ticketing Alliances
  • Examples worldwide, including Octopus in Hong Kong, Japanese Suica and Korean T-Money

Account-based ticketing: Concept and Migration Scenarios

  • Concept of Account-based Ticketing
  • Advantages of account-based ticketing (system/infrastructure design; operational advantage and customer service advantages)
  • ABT as a way to enhance revenue yield from customers while providing more fulfilment to their lifestyle (a Customer relationship management CRM tool)
  • Current practices around the world
  • Migrating from a traditional ticketing to ABT

Mobile ticketing

  • Technologies packed in to an average mobile phone and its computational capabilities
  • Introduction to SMS, NFC, be-in/be-out, BLE beacons, Li-fi, QR code
  • Can mobile ticketing provide legacy leap solution to public transport ticketing?
  • Pros and cons of adopting mobile ticketing
  • Real examples from around the world

Business Models, Procurement, Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

  • Investment and ownership models for opex and capex of ticketing systems
  • Public-private-partnership models which are offering paradigm shift
  • Ticketing as a service (TaaS) or Software as a service (SaaS) models that can transform the industry
  • Revenue sharing models in a multi-stakeholder scenario
  • Unlocking Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Interoperability and International Ticketing Alliances

The development of interoperable smart ticketing is supported by several initiatives at national, European and international levels. This session will provide a short overview of the proposed solutions followed by a discussion on the main challenges.







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To register a group of 4 persons of more from the same organisation, please contact us: sunita.kelecom@uitp.org - Tel: +32 2 663 66 57

Participation fees include:

  • Training instruction
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Training material: all presentations and support documents. Access to all training material via UITP's electronic library, MyLibrary (after the training)

Groups generally consist of 25 participants and are limited to about 30 in order to increase the learning experience and interaction during the programme. Places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions

Please download our Terms and Conditions here.

Contact Person

Sunita Kelecom, Training Assistant, UITP Centre for Training, sunita.kelecom@uitp.org, Tel: +32-2-663 66 57

Practical information: 

Training venue

Transdev Group
Crystal Building
3 allée de Grenelle
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

How to get there?

  • From La Défense business district: Tram T2 and alight at Issy Val de Seine (situated at 5min.on foot from the training venue)
  • From Porte de Versailles: Tramway T2 and alight at Issy Val de Seine (situated at 5min.on foot from the training venue)
  • From Notre-Dame / Saint Michel : RER C and alight at Issy Val de Seine (situated at 5min.on foot from the training venue)


Participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservation.

Novotel Suites Paris Expo Porte de Versailles Hotel (****)
4 Boulevard Brune
75014 Paris
Phone: +33 1 71 25 47 37

Okko Hotels Paris Porte De Versailles (****)
2 Rue du Colonel Pierre Avia
75015 Paris
Phone: +33 1 45 01 17 00

Hôtel Paris d'Issy Hôtel porte de Versailles (***)
4 Rue Auguste Gervais
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Phone: +33 1 46 44 02 90

Best Western Paris Porte de Versailles (***)
11 bis Avenue Jean Jaurès
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
+33 1 40 93 18 01


Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation and Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong

Paul Gwynn, Managing Director, Init Asia Pacific, Singapore



This programme is organised in collaboration with our UITP Regional Training Centre in Paris, hosted by Transdev.

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