ITS system aims to tackle Moscow’s traffic woes

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Over the past decades, Muscovites have become much more reliant on private cars. Employment is concentrated in the centre of the city, and major throughways radiate from its core. It is not surprising, therefore, that traffic congestion and air pollution became serious problems in Moscow.

A number of measures have attempted to curb the growing congestion nightmare faced daily by citizens, including increased investment in public transport projects, the establishment of a new parking policy within the Garden Ring, and now, a new Intelligent Transport System (ITS), which is currently in test mode and will be operational in Moscow in the coming months.

The decision to establish an ITS system, which will help 'decongest' the traffic-clogged Russian capital, was initiated by the head of the mayoral transport department, Maxime Liksoutov, in 2012. It is being implemented by Moscow’s Road Traffic Organisation Centre.

A centralised solution

Moscow is currently equipped with 2,100 controlled traffic lights, 11,000 road sensors and 2,500 video cameras. This equipment is completed by pictures from 15,000 urban cameras installed in the framework of the 'Security of the city' programme. This year, Moscow will also purchase 400 additional devices. Links have been established with the ticket machines, while ground urban passenger transport is being equipped with GPS/GLONASS sensors.

All this information will be centralised by the Intelligent Transport System (ITS). The system is currently working in test mode, but once the analytical programmes have been installed and tested, all public transport vehicles will get the 'green light' and traffic jams are forecast to be cut by 20%.

Next steps will include the installation of sensors on ground public transport to get information on congestion. 

Moscow’s traffic woes - along with other transport challenges facing Russia and other countries in the Eurasia region – will feature in the solutions proposed by the exhibitors of this year’s ExpoCityTrans 2014 event, to be held in Moscow from 29 October to 1 November.

Moscow’s largest operators are behind the event, which will showcase the latest innovative developments in the sphere of public transport in the region. ExpoCityTrans is both an exhibition and business networking event, featuring rolling stock, lifting equipment, various accessories and spare parts and modern IT technology.

Organised by Mosgortrans, Moscow Metro and IСEC MosExpo together with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), the event will demonstrate the latest in public transport developments, from the expansion of use of the high-speed transport and the creation of ecologically-favorable conditions for citizens to finding solutions for transport availability and the liveability of cities. You can view a gallery of previous ExpoCityTrans events here.

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