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UITP inspires excellence and innovation by sharing cutting-edge knowledge and expertise with its members. UITP is the global centre of knowledge and know-how on the sustainable mobility of today and tomorrow. As a UITP member, you can benefit from the wealth of information, best practices and statistics related to sustainable mobility worldwide.

On UITP’s dedicated Knowledge pages: discover more about our priority working topics; delve into the extensive online sustainable mobility database, MOBI+; find out more about the projects UITP is currently working on and explore the comprehensive range of UITP publications at your disposal.


The top three cities in the running to host the 2021 Global Public Transport Summit have just been announced at the UITP Policy Board.


The winner of the 2017 Marketer of the Year Award is David Favest, Marketing Director of STIB-MIVB.


The 2017 International Rail Forum for North America takes on the theme "Public Transit as a Business".


The 2017 UITP Metro Assembly in Vienna opened a discussion on the challenges and opportunities for digitalisation in the rail industry.



07/12/2017 > 08/12/2017
London, United Kingdom
2nd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Dubai 2018
20/04/2018 > 25/04/2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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