Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport 2017-2018 (Three Modules: Amsterdam, Milan, Singapore)

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Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport 2017-2018
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Amsterdam (19-22/11/17), Milan (25-28/03/18), Singapore (3-6/06/18)


The Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport is an expert-level yearlong course composed of three modules in three different countries. It includes additional online sessions (e-learning) organised between the classroom modules and an urban mobility lab.

Reach your objectives
  •     Broaden your knowledge and understanding of global mobility issues
  •     Gain an insight into the main challenges facing the sector
  •     Analyse and discuss the latest trends and developments in the sector with experienced public transport experts and professionals
  •     Develop your international network of professionals
  •     Facilitate exchange of experience with your peers
A top level methodology
  •     Expert trainers with extensive experience in public transport management and operations from different regions of the world
  •     3 Interactive classroom modules with sharing of theory and practice
  •     Dynamic workshops organised in small groups on practical case studies
  •     Local host sessions and site visits with focus on innovation in each city: presentations by local operators and authorities, discovery of network, visit of control rooms, depot and maintenance centres
  •     8 e-Learning sessions with experts for each field
  •     Urban Mobility Lab: a group project on public transport and sustainable urban mobility to apply your learnings on a practical case study
Who is it for?
  •     High-potential managers with daily responsibilities in administration, operation or maintenance
  •     Professionals looking to have a broader and international insight into the sector or who are new in public transport
  •     Applicants are persons eager to learn from others and share their knowledge and experience
  •    Staff from public transport operators, authorities and the industry

E-Learning sessions to complement your knowledge

8 e-learning sessions in the form of virtual classrooms are organised to complement each module: one introductory session before the first module in Amsterdam and seven additional virtual classroom sessions throughout the course (including pre-defined and customised topics).

These additional sessions allow to gain more knowledge and to ensure a closer link between participants and with UITP between the modules.

Each e-learning sesssion will be conducted by a different mobility expert who will address best practice cases and the most innovative topics matching the interests of participants.

Topics of the e-learning sessions can include:

  •     Best practice on Strategic Urban Mobility Planning
  •     Best practice on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) implementation
  •     Exploitation of data to increase efficiency
  •     Autonomous vehicles & connectivity:technology, regulation, impacts
  •     Mobility as a Service (MaaS): concept and practice
  •     Best practice on contract management, quality management & use of incentives
  •     Electric Buses
  •     Ride sourcing/TNC & transport on demand

Join our Urban Mobility Lab

The Urban Mobility Lab provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the key transport challenges and opportunities of a fictional city case. Composed of different stages throughout the course, it allows participants to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the transport problems of a city today
  • Develop in small groups a (mini) Urban Mobility Action Plan
  • Think through its implementation and the design of a service contract

This exercise requires from participants to reflect on the different transport policy approaches, consider the right stakeholder mix, identify concrete activities and anticipate results and feasibility.

Participants recommend this programme

"This course gives a thorough understanding of the many aspects of public transport and illustrates how innovation and collaboration can deliver a successful public transport system."
(Catherine Sturgeon, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (2016-2017 edition))

"An in-depth training of what Public Tranport is, in all its management aspects. And explained with concrete best practices and examples from the best PT networks in the world. Lots of fruitful experience exchanges with training class."
(Robert Fontaine, Corporate Planning & Reporting Manager, STIB-MIVB Brussel, Belgium (2016-2017 edition))

"I've enjoyed this Programme a lot, because I have open my mind for other transport systems around the world, and learned a lot about different stakeholders".
(Montserrat Andújar, Transport Engineer, CRTM, Spain (2016-2017 edition))

“This course gives you the opportunity to network with international peers and learn from their best practices. It's an environment to acquire a helicopter view over the most common challenges in urban mobility during extended collaborative workshops in order to improve your operations from a customer satisfaction point of view. I would highly recommend the programme to all potentials in public transport."
(Hans Vanelderen, Director Movement Metro - Business Unit Metro Operations, STIB-MIVB Brussels, Belgium (2016-2017 edition))



Selection process: a limited number of trainees for a more fruitful exchange

To ensure a fruitful exchange, the number of trainees is limited to about 25-30 persons and the following criteria is used to select the right participants:

  • Only applicants demonstrating fluency in English will be accepted. Phone discussions will be conducted if necessary.
  • Applicants holding a position in the middle management with daily responsibilities in the administration, operation or maintenance of a public transport network.

UITP will endeavour to select a gender and geographically balanced audience according to the applications received.

NB: It is the vast experience that a diverse group of managers from all over the world brings to the classroom that makes our training programme unique. Participants must be aware that taking part in such a programme requires some commitment and time before and during each module: reading material, doing some research work, collaborating with other students between modules, joining E-Modules, etc.

Registration deadline: 15 September 2017

Please contact Adrien for more information:

Phone: +32-2-433 31 54


Participation fees (3 modules + e-learning)

  UNTIL 18/07/2017 AFTER 18/07/2017
Member EUR 3,890 EUR 4,690
Non member EUR 5,790 EUR 5,790

VAT not applicable for this programme

Participation fees include: training instruction, e-learning sessions, on-site visits in each city, meals, coffee breaks and evening receptions as mentioned in the programme, all training material.

Cancellation policy:

  • Any cancellation can be made free of charge but must be done in writing by 01 October 2017.
  • For any cancellation received after 01 October, UITP will charge 100% of the applicable registration fee. Even in case of no show, the full amount will have to be paid.
  • You may nominate another person from the same organisation at any time without penalty but please communicate this in writing as well.

Please download our Terms and Conditions here.



Practical information: 

Contact Person

Adrien Moulin
Training Manager
International Association of Public Transport - UITP
Rue Sainte-Marie, 6
B-1080 Brussels – Belgium
Phone: +32-2-433 31 54


The first module in Amsterdam from 19-22 November 2017 is kindly hosted by GVB

The second module in Milan from 25-28 March 2018 is kindly hosted by FNM Group

The third module in Singapore from 3-6 June 2018 is kindly hosted by Tower Transit

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