Autonomous vehicles integrated with the Internet of Things

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Automated driving is expected to increase safety, provide more comfort and create many new business opportunities for mobility services. That’s why autonomous vehicles are in the centre of interests of experts and general public and their market share is expected to grow over the next two decades. The forecasts say that the number of automated vehicles will climb from about 4% of the global light-duty vehicle market in 2025, to roughly 41% in 2030 and 75% by 2035, which means about 95.4 million units annually by then [1].

To use the full potential of the autonomous vehicles, the AUTOPILOT project (coordinated by ERTICO and co-funded by the European Union) combines this concept with the Internet of Things (IoT) that enables connections between objects or "things" anytime and anyplace, using any service over any network. The project kicked off in January 2017 and the work is foreseen until the end of 2019.

Within the project, the European automotive industry is investing in connected and automated driving with cars becoming moving “objects” in an IoT ecosystem eventually participating in Big Data for Mobility. AUTOPILOT brings IoT into the automotive world to transform connected vehicles into highly and fully automated vehicle.

Thanks to the project, the IoT eco-system will involve vehicles, road infrastructure and surrounding objects, with a particular attention to safety critical aspects of automated driving. AUTOPILOT will also develop new services, like autonomous car sharing, automated parking, or enhanced digital dynamic maps to allow fully autonomous driving. AUTOPILOT IoT enabled autonomous driving vehicles will be tested in real conditions in European cities and in South Korea.

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[1] according to Navigant research: Self-Driving Vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and Automated driving Features: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts


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