Casablanca: Urban mobility for an attractive regional capital

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The kingdom of Morocco’s main metropolis, Casablanca, is currently undergoing a transformation to become one of Africa’s and MENA’s main appealing capitals. The 2020 ambition for the city is to become a connected and inclusive international financial hub, where people ‘Live, Connect, Thrive, and Enjoy’.

Since 2003, various programmes have been carried out in order to equip the city with modern infrastructure. The city’s launched its first tramway in December 2012, a 31km-long line enhancing the urban landscape and positively impacting the community.

A new development strategy was set in motion in 2014 for the achievement of the metropolis’ ambition from 2015–2020. 

A new development strategy was set in motion in 2014 for the achievement of the metropolis’ ambition from 2015–2020. The investment budget for this strategy is up to 36 billion dirhams (€3.5m).

Four mains areas have been identified for the future development of the city:

  1. quality of life, comprising housing, health, education, security and socioeconomic inclusion programmes;
  2. connectivity and mobility;
  3. creative economy with programmes for knowledge development and ‘animation’ for the development of leisure, culture and the preservation of the city’s heritage.

Mobility programmes benefit from half of the investment budget, as it is the backbone of the success of the strategy, aiming to provide residents with a connected metropolis, where one can travel simply, safely and affordably.

The construction of an 80km public transport network in dedicated lanes is planned by 2020, as well as the building of parking facilities, dedicated bus lanes, more and better quality buses as well as the overall restructuring of the various transport modes in the city.


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