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UITP's 2018 training calendar combines traditional programmes and brand new specialised courses, including contracting, procurement, emergency and crisis management, electrification, automation, MaaS or service excellence. UITP’s training programmes are organised all over the world and given by expert managers and leading industry figures to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching.

More public courses will be announced in the coming months and customised programmes adapted to the needs of your company are also available.

For a full overview of 2018 training programmes, please keep reading below!

Special group offer: Send 15 or more colleagues to two or more training programmes in 2018. GET 10% OFF if you register by 31 December 2017.

Contact to benefit from this offer. Conditions available upon request.

Our 2018 training calendar incluces the following courses:

  • Contracting and Tendering of Public Transport Services, 19-21 February, Berlin, Germany 
  • Public Transport Fundamentals, 20-22 February, Melbourne, Australia
  • Capacity Building Programme: Leaders in Urban Transport (in collaboration with World Bank Group), 25 February-1 March, Dubai, UAE 
  • Electric Buses, 26-28 February, Marseille, France
  • Bus Procurement, Maintenance & Asset Management, 14-16 March, Singapore
  • Managers in Taxi Transport, 11-13 March, Dubai/Ajman, UAE
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management, 19-21 March, Munich, Germany
  • Bus Operations Planning, Scheduling and Execution, 16-18 April, Hamburg, Germany
  • Quality and Service Excellence (in collaboration with EU Business School), 14-16 May, Munich, Germany
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS), 28-30 May, Vienna, Austria
  • Travel Information Design, Signage and Wayfinding, 25-27 June, Paris, France
  • Electric Buses, 2-4 July, Cologne, Germany
  • Automated Metros, 3-5 September, Singapore
  • Quality and Service Excellence, 18-20 September, Dubai, UAE
  • Bus Network Design & Route Planning, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • Cybersecurity, October, Brussels, Belgium 
  • BRT Planning and Operations, 22-24 October, Amman, Jordan
  • Public Transport Fundamentals, 12-14 November, Singapore
  • Automated Metros, 19-21 November, Milan, Italy
  • Bus Procurement and Commissioning, 25-27 November, Dubai, UAE
  • Public Transport Fundamentals, 3-5 December, Brussels, Belgium 

Places and dates are subject to change. Please check for an updated list and the latest information.

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