photo of the Mobility pass launched in Strasbourg

In early April 2014, the French city of Strasbourg launched a new initiative uniting bus and tram transport with bike and car sharing and the...

photo © Bruxelles-Mobilité 2014 – Conception: ZOOO – Espaces Mobilités – Technum

As it should be the backbone of sustainable mobility, public transport plays a key role in guaranteeing the success of Integrated Mobility Plans...

logo of TRA Conference

This week, the TRA Conference is taking place in Paris, France. TRA (Transport Research Arena) is a major conference on transport in Europe,...


An Integrated Mobility Plan is a strategic tool designed to ensure people and places can connect, now and in the future.

photo: ©

Thu 10 April | The benefits of open data

Over the last two months we have taken an in-depth look at how new technologies and open data are transforming how we think about public...


UITP and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) came together this week in Brussels to sign a declaration on the implication,...

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Riyadh Metro

Decision-makers often face the question of how to go about upgrading a public transport system- or even...

photo of combined mobility: train and bike

Cities are facing a multi-factor trend with 60% of the world’s population living in urban areas in the next 20 years and the vicious circle of...


UITP and the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) today (8 April) signed a landmark agreement with the aim of strengthening women's...

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The second issue of our EU-Express newsletter is out. This monthly newsletter covers public transport news and updates from a European...



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