UITP Centre for Training presents new video

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Investing in training benefits both the organisation and its employees: training provides companies with multi-skill staff, motivates employees and increases their commitment to their job and their company. This results in increased staff performance, reduced costs and supervisory needs, as well as better productivity and service quality.

Moreover, in contrast to investing in equipment for example, investing in staff training allows the value of employees to appreciate over time: employees become better at their jobs due to their training combined with experience and practice.

UITP Centre for Training offers a variety of courses covering all aspects of public transport organisation from operations to policy and management issues, including the new trends in mobility. We provide classroom trainings, customised courses tailored to your needs and also online programmes.

We invite you to find out more about UITP Training services in our brand new video and we look forward to welcoming you soon in one of our courses.


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