UITP is a non-profit international association. As a passionate champion of sustainable mobility, UITP is internationally recognised for its work in advancing the development of this critical policy agenda. UITP has a long history to its name, and is the only worldwide network to bring together the whole public transport sector and all sustainable transport modes.

UITP’s head office is located in Brussels, Belgium and the association counts 14 regional and liaison offices around the world.

The UITP governance structure is made of the following bodies as further described in the Bylaws (French - English - German - Spanish):

  • The General Assembly
  • The Divisions, the Division Assemblies and the Committees
  • The Commissions
  • The Executive Board
  • The Policy Board
  • The Secretary General and the General Secretariat

The Internal Rules are available in Mobi+.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all the Full Members of UITP and meets at least once every two years. Unless otherwise stated in the Bylaws, the General Assembly exercises the full power of the international association.

The General Assembly met on Sunday, 7 June 2015 in Milan. The full documentation can be found in Mobi+. 

The Divisions and Division Assemblies

The UITP Divisions are the meeting point of UITP members based in a specific region (Africa, Asia Pacific-Australia-New Zealand, Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, North America) or working on a specific field of activity (Authorities, Industry, Bus, Light Rail, Metro, Regional Transport, Regional and Suburban Rail).

All UITP Full Members are Member of at least one Division.

Each Division Assembly meets at least once each two years.

The Committees

The UITP (Division) Committees bring together a limited number of members who actively work on key issues for the Division and prepare related actions. The Committees function as the active working entity of the divisions, setting their goals and strategies as well as developing a wide range of projects and initiatives with the support of ad-hoc working groups.

The Commissions

The UITP Commissions are centres of competence on subjects of UITP members’ general interest. UITP Commissions are jointly established by the Executive and Policy Boards and are made up of a limited number of experts from among the UITP Full Members.

The Executive Board

UITP is managed by the Executive Board, which implements the decisions of the General Assembly. The Executive Board is competent for all decisions relating to UITP and which are not the exclusive competence of the General Assembly or the Policy Board. Next meeting dates are announced on MyUITP.

The Policy Board

The Policy Board is the supreme body of UITP with exclusive decision-making powers regarding all the position papers adopted by UITP in the area of transport policy, subject to any powers granted to the Regional Committees with respect to the position papers in the area of transport Policy with an exclusive regional nature. The Policy Board meets at least twice per year. Next meeting dates are announced on MyUITP.

The President

The President is elected by the General Assembly for a non-renewable maximum period of two years.

The current President is Masaki Ogata, Vice-Chairman, East Japan Railways, Tokyo, Japan. His biography is available in the press section.

The Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for the day-to-day management of UITP. He or she manages the General Secretariat as well as all entities, offices, subsidiaries and branches of UITP.

The current Secretary General is Alain Flausch. His biography is available here.

The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is made up of the Secretary General and his/her staff.

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