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UITP and ETF unite to promote women's employment in urban public transport 08/04/2014 EU Press release PDF icon PR_UITP&ETF unite to promote women's employment.pdf
UITP reacts to 4th railway package reading in European Parliament 03/03/2014 EU Press release PDF icon PR_UITP reaction to 4th railway package reading.pdf
Ongoing process on rail market opening: Major public transport associations express strong concerns 24/02/2014 EU Press release PDF icon PR_UITP-EPTO-EMTA 24 February 2014.pdf
Launch of ‘Zero Emission Urban Bus System’ project marks a major milestone for greener urban transport 23/01/2014 EU Press release PDF icon PR_Milestone for greener urban transport.pdf
4th railway package: UITP, EPTO and EMTA support the process but express serious concerns about the compromise amendments 12/12/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_UITP-EPTO-EMTA.pdf
Limit the revision of Regulation 1370/2007 to what is necessary for the opening of the domestic rail passenger market 21/10/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_Limit revision of 1370 2007.pdf
Will the Council's approach to the Safety Directive stumble at the last hurdle? 30/09/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_Council's Safety Directive.pdf
Fourth Railway Package - rail sector needs Technical Pillar 05/06/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_4th rail technical pillar.pdf
11 organisations from across industries and transport modes join forces to drive the electrification of surface transport 19/03/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_11 organisations unite.pdf
UITP concerned about proposed modifications to EU regulation on transport public service obligations 08/03/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_Public service obligations.pdf
UITP, CER, EMTA and EPTO call upon European Parliament & Member States to preserve the PSO Regulation 29/01/2013 EU Press release PDF icon PR_Call to preserve PSO.pdf


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