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July 2019

UITP acknowledges that BRT is one of the biggest innovations the bus domain has ever seen because of the transformative effect they can have on cities in terms of congestion and air pollution.

July 2019

In this report, the main results of a world-wide survey on more than 320 bus operators in 46 countries, including 29 European countries, are presented.

May 2019

As of March 2018 there are more than 1,000 km of metro lines in Fully Automated Operation (FAO) worldwide.

May 2019

As the number and diversity of urban mobility services is rapidly growing around the world, it’s no surprise that MaaS is the next hot topic.

March 2019

Always staying at the forefront of the international rail sector, UITP is pleased to announce the release of the latest Statistics Brief on global Urban Rail Infrastructure.

February 2019

The UITP Policy Brief, Public transport and business: empowering our cities, elaborates on the multifaceted value of public transport, as well as advocates for a stronger collaboration between all stakeholders from the beginning of public transport investments and urban development projects.

November 2018

The recent UITP Statistics Report, Commuter Railway Landscape, offers a unique global overview of commuter railway systems, presenting data and key characteristics of regional railway systems, as w


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