Monthly focus: transport modes

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Over the past few weeks we’ve been concentrating on the topic of integration and how a well-designed integrated mobility plan contribute to creating seamless travel experiences for citizens. This month, we are going to concentrate on the next logical step: travel modes.

Over recent years, public transport has registered big ridership increases, not only in cities with sophisticated systems, but also in many large cities in developing or emerging countries. The question is, then: which modes should planners choose?


New intercity bus lines: market for the bus, competition for the rail?

With the EU Regulation No 1073/2009 on common rules for access to the international market for coach and bus services, the coastal trade (cabotage) is now allowed and opens the market to new intercity bus lines putting the railways system under pressure. In France, the application of the national law is still very restrictive, but in Germany the market is now open.

UITP coordinates ZeEUS project

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The Zero Emission Urban Bus System (ZeEUS) project was launched in Brussels last week.

UITP is coordinating 40 partners in this innovative 42-month project that aims to extend the fully electric solution to more European urban bus networks. Electricity as an alternative fuel source for road transport can help reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.


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