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Integrating Combined Mobility services : a UITP Toolbox

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After having published a UITP position paper in 2011, which demonstrated to public transport operators and organising authorities the benefits of becoming real mobility providers, the UITP Combined Mobility Platform is happy to present a brand new service to all UITP members: a toolbox aiming to show how to integrate Combined Mobility services in a public transport offer.

PTI 3/2014: HR and management, out of focus?

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Of the thousands of contacts in UITP’s database, less than 10% have expressed an interest in the subjects of human resources and management.

Why is this?

It may be because of the fact that personnel costs account for up to 80% of operational costs, and public transport companies are more likely to see staff principally as a burdensome financial issue. However, the key to performance and productivity lies in the ability of the company to turn this cost factor into a success factor.

Book your stand at the biggest event in public transport

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The UITP World Congress and Exhibition is the biggest event in public transport and the 2015 edition in Milan will be no exception. The Exhibition is a showcase for the very latest developments and innovations the public transport industry has to offer, with over 320 international exhibitors flocking to Geneva to display their wares at the last edition in 2013. 

The benefits of open data

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Over the last two months we have taken an in-depth look at how new technologies and open data are transforming how we think about public transport. We present here an overview of the benefits of open data for the public transport sector, its customers, the economy as a whole and how it all works.

Should you have questions on this topic, don't hesitate to contact our experts: jarl.eliassen(at)uitp.org and johan.van.ieperen(at)uitp.org


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