UITP develops advocacy tools to support its members in their own advocacy activities at local and national levels. Advocacy tools include policy positions on a wide range of topics as well as toolboxes on specific issues.

UITP’s official positions are expressed through Focus Papers. From economic appraisal to electro-mobility, they cover a large array of policy topics. Focus Papers are usually put forward by UITP’s Commissions or Committees; based on evidence prepared by UITP members, they formulate detailed policy recommendations. Focus Papers are approved by the UITP Policy Board before publication.

Focus Papers will be progressively complemented (then replaced) by Policy Briefs which will address specific advocacy targets (local and national governments, the business community and urban visionaries). The collection of Policy Briefs will constitute a structured narrative towards each of these targets and help members better make their voices’ heard at local and national levels.

Official positions are complemented by toolboxes, which offer members inspiration and guidance on specific topics. In particular, the Financing Toolbox  provides advice for the development of alternative public transport funding streams.

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