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Well-trained staff and customer-focused operations are essential to providing the kind of quality of service needed for public transport systems to offer a reliable and attractive mobility choice.  

UITP has developed a portfolio of training programmes that can play an important role in the development of your business and public transport provision. Ensure your brightest stars receive the best possible training to reach their full potential and prepare your business to meet the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow. UITP offers a variety of training programmes to suit your business’ needs; whether it’s discovering the industry fundamentals, learning more about a particular topic, or even a fully tailored training package, UITP has the right solution for you.

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Format: 2018-09-19
Format: 2018-09-19
Bus Network Design & Route Planning
01/10/2018 > 03/10/2018
Barcelona, Spain
Cyber Security
08/10/2018 > 10/10/2018
Barcelona, Spain
Autonomous Mobility
15/10/2018 > 17/10/2018
Lyon, France
15/10/2018 > 17/10/2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16/10/2018 > 18/10/2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Electric Buses in Turin
22/10/2018 > 24/10/2018
Turin, Italy
02/11/2018 > 06/11/2018
Zhengzhou / Beijing, China
Business Intelligence, Big and Open Data
12/11/2018 > 14/11/2018
Brussels, Belgium
12/11/2018 > 14/11/2018
Automated Metros
19/11/2018 > 21/11/2018
Milan, Italy
20/11/2018 > 22/11/2018
Tokyo, Japan
25/11/2018 > 27/11/2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Izmir Electric Buses
28/11/2018 > 30/11/2018
Izmir, Turkey
03/12/2018 > 05/12/2018
Brussels, Belgium
10/12/2018 > 12/12/2018
Brussels, Belgium
Mobility as a Service
10/12/2018 > 12/12/2018
Hamburg, Germany
Tendering and Contracting of Public Transport Services
16/01/2019 > 18/01/2019
Brussels, Belgium

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