Training portfolio

This portfolio gives an overview of programmes we can deliver - either as classroom trainings or customised programmes. All training content, format, methodologies and length can be customised and new products can be developed depending on the company's needs and interests.

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Operations and Service Delivery

  • Public Transport Operation, Planning and Execution
  • Public Transport Maintenance and Asset Management
  • Planning, Design and Construction of Urban Rail Systems
  • Automated Metros
  • Urban Rail Operation & Maintenance
  • Bus Network Design and Route Planning
  • Planning, Design and Building of New Bus Depots
  • Procurement and Commissioning of Buses
  • Bus Operations Planning and Execution
  • Bus Maintenance and Depot Management
  • Training Programme on Electric Busses: Introduction and Operations
  • ICT in Public Transport and Smart Mobility
  • Ticketing and Fare Management
  • Public Transport Safety Management
  • Security Management and Risk Assessment
  • Organisation of Public Transport During Large Events
  • Service Quality Management


  • Marketing & Communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Press & Communications Management
  • Project Management in Public Transport

Policy and Governance

  • Urban Mobility Planning
  • Urban Transport Pricing
  • Financing and Funding of Public Transport
  • Mobility Measurement, Data Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Regulation and Contracting of Public Transport Services

Fundamentals Trainings

Public Transport Fundamentals with focus on:

  • Bus
  • Trolleybus
  • Urban Rail
  • Taxi
  • Organising Authorities

Other Trainings

  • Training Programme for Managers in Public Transport (yearlong programme in three modules)
  • Public Transport Development Programme (with Job Attachment)
  • Leaders in Urban Transport Planning Programme (in collaboration with World Bank Group)

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