Vision & Mission


UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) is the International Association of Public Transport and a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility. It is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes.

'UITP at a glance' (LEAFLET)



We are working to enhance quality of life and economic well-being by supporting and promoting sustainable transport in urban areas worldwide.


Every day we make a difference for our members and for the wider sustainable transport community.


Advocacy & Outreach
We engage with decision-makers, international organisations and other key stakeholders to promote and mainstream public transport and sustainable mobility solutions.


We inspire excellence and innovation by generating and sharing cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.


Network & Business
We bring people together to exchange ideas, find solutions and forge mutually beneficial business partnerships. 





  • We work to make cities healthier, more inclusive and more sustainable.
  • We believe in enhancing quality of life for everyone.
  • We respect other people and are transparent, fair, ethical and honest in our dealings with others.
  • We treat everyone equally, but take their individual needs into account.
  • We are open, tolerant and respect diversity.
  • We make respect a hallmark of our relationships with our members, partners and colleagues.


  • We promote innovation and encourage new ways of thinking.
  • We provide a platform for sharing insights into the latest mobility trends and hot topics.
  • We look to the future by anticipating mobility needs and inspiring pioneering solutions.
  • We take an innovative approach to our work.


  • We care about the needs of our members and colleagues and always respond in a professional way.
  • We encourage the sustainable mobility community to exchange ideas and best practice openly and freely. 
  • We create an atmosphere where high-quality relationships are valued and nurtured. 


  • We are the global centre of knowledge and know-how on the sustainable mobility of today and tomorrow.
  • We build up a clear overview of the issues affecting sustainable mobility all around the world.
  • We gather a wealth of information, best practices and statistics related to sustainable mobility worldwide.
  • We are a group of dedicated professionals who our members can call on for expert support and guidance.

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