‘A new dynamic to better serve our members’

photo from the UITP General Assembly on 23 January 2014

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The UITP General Assembly approved the new UITP membership strategy on 23 January. The new classification of the UITP membership services was proposed to reflect, as closely as possible, the way in which members use UITP services and their actual participation in the life of the Association. A series of new membership services has been added for each specific Membership Service Package (Standard, Advantage and Premium). These developments will certainly allow us to serve our members in a more accurate and equitable way, make our services more visible and add value to the membership fees.
As a consequence, some articles of the UITP Bylaws and Internal Rules had to be amended; these were also approved with a large majority.
As part of the modernisation of our Association, the new UITP visual identity and the new website were presented to the members of the General Assembly. The UITP members present demonstrated their willingness to cooperate in order to ‘grow’ the Association and ‘advance public transport’.
The minutes of the General Assembly will soon be available for download from Mobi+ which is now accessible via MyUITP

Contact: estelle.desmit(at)uitp.org 

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