‘Zero Emission Urban Bus System’ project: a major milestone for greener urban transport

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A major milestone for greener urban transport was reached with the launch of the Zero Emission Urban Bus System (ZeEUS) project in Brussels on 23 January, 2014.

UITP is coordinating 40 partners on an innovative project to extend the fully electric solution to a wider part of European urban bus networks. Developing electric vehicles of large capacity and creating adequate charging infrastructure will facilitate the market update of electric buses in Europe.

Electricity as an alternative fuel source for road transport can help reduce air pollution, green house gas emissions and noise pollution.

As part of the 42-month demonstration project, different innovative technological solutions for electric buses will be demonstrated in eight cities: Barcelona, Bonn, Glasgow, London, Münster, Plzen, Stockholm and one city in Italy.

ZeEUS’ analyses will be used to develop guidelines and tools to help stakeholders introduce electrified bus systems in other European cities. Leading manufacturers in bus electrification will participate with plug-in hybrids or full electric buses using different charging infrastructure and strategies.

ZeEUS aims to be the main EU activity for monitoring experiences and developments of electric urban bus systems. As the coming years will see many pilots, demonstrations and the purchase of electric vehicles, an Observatory will be established to discuss the progress of bus system electrification in Europe and contribute to electric bus fleet deployment strategies.

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