“SORT” testing methodology: a new protocol for hybrid buses

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A new edition of the SORT brochure is now available!

An initiative of the Bus Committee, the SORT project (“Standardised On-Road Test cycles”) is a result of cooperation between VDV, public transport operators and the leading European manufacturers of vehicles and transmissions. Its main aim is to design reproducible test cycles for on-road tests of buses in order to measure their fuel consumption.

In the last decade, hybrid technology has undergone many developments. The 2014 edition of UITP’s SORT brochure therefore expands upon previous editions (2004 and 2009) and proposes an additional protocol for hybrid bus, called “SORT-Hy”. The document provides definitions under accurate and explicit measuring conditions to compare fuel consumption at the tender stage. This tool is now available for diesel and hybrid buses.

This new brochure can be of use to bus operators, public transport authorities (during tender procedures) and the industry as a reference document. If you are interested in purchasing it, please refer to the practical information below.

We hope that companies will come on board using this methodology prepared for them by the operator-constructor joint working group!

Practical information

UITP project “SORT” – standardised on-road test cycles – 2014 edition
40 pages
Free for UITP members
Price for non-members: €180
Original document: English (print version)
Translations: Spanish, German, French, Italian (PDF)

To purchase the brochure, please send an e-mail to publications@uitp.org

3 addendums are available for download on MyLibrary (for UITP members):


For questions on the content of the brochure or on the SORT project: Arno Kerkhof, Head of Bus Division: arno.kerkhof@uitp.org

For the purchase of the brochure or its addendums, contact: publications@uitp.org 

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