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The intelligent, innovative, integrated Bus Systems project (3iBS) was aimed at developing a new generation of buses adapted to the specificities of the European cities, more attractive for passengers and more efficient and economic to operate. To reach this goal, 3iBS committed to stimulate coordinated research and exploit bus-system innovations, support deployment and implementation of key solutions, promote exchanges of knowledge and best practices on an international scale.

Capitalising on the results of previous and ongoing research activities, 3iBS focused on 7 innovation topics with high potential in strengthening the competitiveness of the bus in the urban environment, namely: accessibility, optimized operation for special events, level of service, intermodality, modularity, IT standardization for public transport and energy efficiency. For each key topic a set of outstanding study cases from the experience of PT operators was analysed to fill the gap between the concepts defined and tested in previous research projects, including the European Bus System of the Future (EBSF) and the actual implementation of their input in the real experience of operators.

Backbone of 3iBS, the Roadmap for Innovative Bus Systems supported the European and National institutions in identifying the main areas and priorities for further research about Bus Systems.

The research on urban bus systems is now continued by EBSF_2.


  • Duration: October 2012 – March 2015
  • Budget: € 3,36 m ( € 2,97 m EU-funded)
  • Coordinator: UITP, International Association for Public Transport

More information: www.3ibs.eu
3iBS on Twitter: @3iBSproject
3iBS on Facebook: 3iBSproject
Contact: Michele Tozzi

3iBS is co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Research and Technological Development Framework Programme, Research and Innovation Directorate General under grant agreement n°314334.

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