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About us

About UITP Europe

In the European Union, UITP brings together more than 450 urban, suburban and regional public transport operators and authorities from all member states and interacts with the European institutions and other organisations. 

It represents the perspective of short distance passenger transport services by all modes: bus, regional and suburban rail, metro, light rail and tram and waterborne.

Our objectives

  • Create the framework for attractive and efficient public transport.
  • Achieve coherent public transport-friendly legislation, which is sustainable, affordable and practical in all aspects.
  • Improve voluntary technical harmonisation through European research, innovation and standardisation.
  • Double the public transport market share.
  • Create a level playing field with individual motorised transport modes.

What we do 

  • Inspire excellence and innovation by sharing cutting-edge knowledge and expertise with our members.
  • Assist and advise members and EU decision-makers concerning all aspects of European policies relating to the public transport sector.
  • Monitor legislation and provide members with information regarding EU policy developments which could have an impact on their activities.
  • Influence policies and legislation by issuing position papers on questions and issues which are of importance for the sector.
  • Represent the common interests of our members towards the European institutions.
  • Support and monitor European standardisation activities, for example for urban rail.
  • Maintain a constructive dialogue with our partners.
  • Develop and enhance innovative transport solutions in line with sector priorities through European Research Projects.
  • Uphold a regular dialogue with the European workers representation (ETF) within the European sectoral Social Dialogue on urban public transport. 
  • Organise dissemination and networking events, conferences and meetings all across Europe.

Our team:

  • Thomas AVANZATA, UITP Europe Senior Director
  • Annika STIENEN, UITP Europe Deputy Director - Senior Policy Expert Bus/Road transport, Energy and Fuels
  • Artur PERCHEL, UITP Europe Deputy Director - Expert in EU Funds
  • Yves AMSLER, Senior Advisor and Consultant - SUG Coordinator
  • Meredith BAKER, Junior Research and Policy Manager 
  • Gautier BRODEO, Rail Expert
  • Mihai CHIRCA, Expert on Digitalisation and Autonomous Mobility
  • Annabelle HUET, Legal Affairs Expert
  • Raimund JÜNGER, Expert Urban Rail Standardisation
  • Anne-Laure LE MERRE, Senior Advisor on Suburban and Regional Rail 
  • Jérôme LENGELE, Communication Officer
  • Brigitte OLLIER, Senior Advisor Social Affairs
  • Lucie PETERSEN, Policy Expert Bus/Road transport, Energy and Fuels
  • Simona SABATELLI, Assistant
  • Philip TURNER, Sustainable Mobility Expert
  • Jean-Marc VANDENBROUCKE, EU Affairs Expert

Next Events:

Our EU Committee

The UITP European Union (EU) Committee is the decision-making body of UITP concerning EU affairs. It represents the interests of European public transport undertakings towards the European Institutions and is composed of national delegations representing public transport authorities and operators, members of UITP. It holds three meetings per year in order to exchange views on European legislation and to define opinions, recommendations and positions.

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