Advancing talent in public transport

  • Training for Better Public Transport Services

Public transport is essential for the quality of life and economy of cities as it allows the efficient movement and access of people across the city. To facilitate the growth of public transport, stakeholders of the sector require the best resources available. Employees must support, deliver and enhance the required service to let the sector function in an efficient and sustainable way. This is particularly important in the public transport sector as it can suffer from a shortage of skilled personnel and the difficulties encountered in retaining them.

  • Addressing Challenges in Public Transport

Changing technologies, shifting workforce demographics, new regulations, new projects, globalisation and increasing ridership levels make training and professional development for public transport employees essential. Capacity building presents a prime opportunity to increase the ability of the sector to respond to these challenges, but often companies find these development opportunities expensive and time consuming.

  • Importance of Investing in Capacity Development

However, in terms of capital efficiency, investing in training is one of the best long-term investment opportunities that a company can make. It allows the value of employees to be appreciated over time; employees become better at their jobs due to knowledge development combined with experience and practice. It enhances the skills and capacity inside the organisation, which reduces overall operational costs. 

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