Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport

The Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport is an expert-level yearlong course composed of three modules in three different countries. It includes additional webinars organised between the classroom modules.

The 2020 edition will take participants to Geneva, Montreal and Barcelona. Registrations are open until 15 March 2020. Click here to find out more.

Reach your objectives

  •     Broaden your knowledge and understanding of global mobility issues
  •     Gain an insight into the main challenges facing the sector
  •     Analyse and discuss the latest trends and developments in the sector with experienced public transport experts and professionals
  •     Develop your international network of professionals
  •     Facilitate exchange of experience with your peers

A top level methodology

  •     Expert trainers with extensive experience in public transport management and operations from different regions of the world
  •     3 Interactive classroom modules with sharing of theory and practice
  •     Case study teaching and workshops organised in small groups on practical case studies and based on public transport facts and situations
  •     Local host sessions and site visits with focus on innovation in each city: presentations by local operators and authorities, discovery of network, visit of control rooms, depot and maintenance centres
  •     Webinar series with experts for each field

Who is it for?

  •     High-potential managers with daily responsibilities in administration, operation or maintenance
  •     Professionals looking to have a broader and international insight into the sector or who are new in public transport
  •     Applicants are persons eager to learn from others and share their knowledge and experience
  •    Staff from public transport operatorsauthorities and the industry worldwide

Webinar series to complement your knowledge

A series of webinars is organised to complement each module throughout the course (including pre-defined and customised topics).

These additional sessions allow to gain more knowledge and to ensure a closer link between participants and with UITP between the modules.

Each webinar will be conducted by a different mobility expert who will address best practice cases and the most innovative topics matching the interests of participants.

Topics of webinars can include:

  •     Best practice on Strategic Urban Mobility Planning
  •     Best practice on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) implementation
  •     Exploitation of data to increase efficiency
  •     Autonomous vehicles & connectivity:technology, regulation, impacts
  •     Mobility as a Service (MaaS): concept and practice
  •     Best practice on contract management, quality management & use of incentives
  •     Electric Buses
  •     Ride sourcing/TNC & transport on demand


Participants recommend this programme

A great opportunity to connect with peers on an international level, learn about the mobility characteristics of their cities and exchange knowledge with UITP experts in workshops and interactive tutorials.”
(Caroline Haseke, RATP Dev Transdev Asia - 2017-2018 edition)

“A very complete overview of what is existing and the future trends explained in a clear, simple, comprehensive & pragmatic way. Highlighting advantages and contra's for one mode or solution compared to its alternative(s).”
(Eric Vanderelst, MIVB-STIB - 2017-2018 edition)

“The course attracts participants with various expertise from different countries. This diversity and possibility to hear how things are done differently elsewhere is very inspiring.”
(Vojta Vlcek- Arriva - 2017-2018 edition)

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