Addressing 5 common scheduling challenges with advanced technology

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Mass transportation is changing rapidly. While most people focus on mobility and its impact on ridership, next-generation technologies are about to transform decades-old ways of operating, planning and scheduling mass transit. While its certain that in 5 years’ time these technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will change mass transit, even today, common scheduling challenges can be solved quite elegantly, with significant cost savings too. This webinar will explore 5 common scheduling challenges

  • How to deal with driver shortages
  • How to try different scenarios while performing union negotiations
  • How to schedule EVs and optimize their charging
  • How to improve on time performance
  • How to easily create schedules that are similar throughout the week

Target audience

Management, operations, scheduling and planning personnel interested in learning about new scheduling technologies and how they can be used.


     Shaun Bretstein, Director of Global Sales at Optibus



Join us on 26 March 2019 at 10.00 am Brussels time for this free webinar!

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Andrea Soehnchen, Business Development Manager, 


This webinar is presented by Optibus

Optibus helps the world’s leading transit providers better run mass-transportation through advanced artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms. Optibus provides a SaaS platform that plans and schedules the movements of every vehicle and driver, with detailed insight into how this affects operations, on-time performance and costs. Optibus has been chosen for more than 300 cities and drives some of the most complex and large-scale transit operations worldwide, helping improve quality of service and efficiency, reduce costs, streamline operations and reduce congestion and emissions.

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