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This training programme results of a year-long research project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mass Public Transport conducted at the UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence in Singapore. More than 100 experts from authorities, operators, industry providers and academics contributed to the research in providing insights on the future of AI in public transport and helping define key building blocks for the sector to successfully embark in their AI journey. The extensive knowledge collated during the research together with experience from early AI adopters in public transport and beyond will be shared during the course.


  • Broaden your knowledge and perspective on possible applications of artificial intelligence in public transport by learning and sharing experience with professional leaders
  • Learn about the possible opportunities for making public transport modes more efficient and customer oriented with artificial intelligence applications
  • Understand the impact of new technology and how organisations can leverage on the opportunity
  • Understand various mechanisms of funding and financing AI projects
  • Learn from best practices from around the world: showcases from local operators, authorities and the industry
  • Learn about approaches, challenges and possible causes of failures in implementing AI projects in the public transport industry
  • Understand, discuss the concept of AI, machine learning, internet of things and blockchain

Target Audience

  • Public transport managers and engineers in operation, strategy, planning, maintenance and IT/innovation departments
  • Data scientists/analysts, modellers seeking to have a better understanding of public transport market needs
  • Decision makers in transport authorities and operators
  • Staff from strategic management
  • AI companies’ employees with particular interest in public transport market
  • Staff from public transport operators or authorities responsible for the planning, implementation & running of AI and automation related services


  • Get inspired by our trainers, understand the main aspects of artificial intelligence from successful best practices
  • Participate in interactive plenary and panel sessions with introduction by course leaders, presentation by the trainers and open brainstorming with participants
  • Challenge your practical knowledge in this professional field and the technology
  • Address the topic from an international perspective, enriched by different cultural approaches and points of views
  • Participate in workshops allowing you to apply on a concrete case the main principles and tools learned
  • Benefit from a unique exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals

Inspiring Trainers

Our skilful trainers are composed of international experts and professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the strategic, operational and technological areas of artificial intelligence in public transport. Other trainers will be announced soon.



Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation. Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong




 UITP reserves the right to make amendments to the programme or any related activity.

Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Three disruptions driving the fourth industrial revolution
  • Communication technologies, sensors and IoT
  • Big Data and its role in AI

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Different definitions of AI
  • Types of AI
  • AI in daily life
  • AI in public transport and in other sectors
  • Growing interest of AI in government policies

AI in Operational Efficiency, Maintenance and Asset Management

How can AI be applied in critical decision making for operational challenges?

  • Creating digital twins of public transport systems
  • Managing public transport assets spread over a large geographical expanse efficiently in real-time
  • Predictive maintenance of digital assets to reduce downtime and improve safety
  • Improving the behavioural response of operators by using AI applications
  • Crowd management and incident management

AI in Safety and Security Management

  • Public security threats faced by public transport industry
  • Public transport’s role in improving public safety of cities and regions
  • Tools that are empowering the use of AI in security & safety management (sensors, video analytics)
  • Predictive intervention for reducing human errors and creating safer systems
  • Concerns on privacy and protection of personal data
  • Cybersecurity

Opportunities with AI: Internet of Things (IoT) & Blockchain

With a vision to leverage the power of data for their businesses, the popularity and adaption rate of IoT keeps growing at an accelerated pace. With advanced frameworks and platforms, connecting the data from field to cloud is not a difficult task anymore. However, without intelligent applications to process the data and take actions based on it, IoT will simply remain as an underutilised super highway. Artificial intelligence holds the key to unlock the true potential of IoT by providing the essential features such as pattern mining, anomaly detection and other machine learning techniques to deliver the business value. This talk will cover the basics of developing AI applications for IoT, current trends, potential use-cases and challenges.

This session will also discuss how blockchain technology can be used as a technological fundament that supports the mobility industry with open standards and decentralised solutions. By sharing ledgers, mobility providers can (co)operate without the need for intermediaries, payment providers or proprietary apps. Normalised sets of data allow anyone to analyse this data and help to improve the current mobility landscape. The aggregation of this data also means that artificial intelligence can have a more meaningful impact. Mobility providers can cooperate as if they were all part of one smart fleet, delivering efficient mobility services to people.

AI in Customer Service

  • How is AI transforming the general landscape of customer service?
  • How are public transport organisations using AI in customer service?
  • How to build a sustainable business model and business case in investing AI in customer service function?
  • Chatbot as a low hanging fruit of AI: pros and cons.

Challenges and Limitations in AI

  • Top challenges in implementing AI
  • Data biases
  • Data privacy
  • Legal and regulatory implications on AI

Funding and Financing of AI projects 

Presentation on the overview of financing and funding challenges for AI projects



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Participation fees include:

  • Training instruction
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Training material: all presentations and support documents. Access to all training material via UITP's electronic library Mobi+ (after the training)

Groups generally consist of 25 participants and are limited to about 30 in order to increase the learning experience and interaction during the programme. Places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions

Please download our Terms and Conditions here.

Contact Person

Sunita Kelecom, Training Assistant, UITP Centre for Training,, Tel: +32-2-663 66 57

Practical information: 

Training venue

3 allée de Grenelle
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux


Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation. Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong



This programme is kindly hosted by Transdev

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