Covid-19: Control and Beyond - Experience Sharing from China

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The UITP Academy is organising a series of webinars in the framework of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. They aim to assist public transport companies in tailoring their business continuity plans.

Now that the lockdowns are gradually being lifted in many countries, we are seeing that while some have resumed usage, the estrangement towards using mass transit services has continued to a certain extent.

Given that China was the first country to impose strict lockdown measures as well as the first to lift them, the experience in China could help members in other part of the world to understand the impact of the measures that have been implemented and the challenges that lie ahead of the “new normal”.

UITP members in China will share in this webinar the following topics:

  • COVID-19 control and monitoring plan
  • Communication mechanism – internal and external
  • Planning of the new normal passenger services
  • HR management and manpower contingency plan
  • Impact to business and revenue
  • Passenger education
  • Passenger flow recovery situation
  • Main practices in response to COVID-19 and post COVID-19 considerations
  • Post-Coronavirus technology trends
  • Strategies to regain passengers’ confidence

What will be presented and who are our speakers?

  • Joe Ma, Deputy General Manager & Chief Financial Officer, Shenzhen Bus Group
  • Ronnie Tong, Deputy General Manager, MTR Beijing
  • Luo Huarong, Deputy Director of Railway Transport Division, SMTC
  • Sue Chan, Head of UITP Asia-Pacific (Moderator)

This (max) 90 minutes webinar in English is free of charge. Participants will be able to access the recording of the webinar afterwards in MyLibrary.

When will it take place?

Wednesday, 19th August 2020 at 08.00 Central European Summer Time (CEST, Brussels time and 14:00 China time)

How can I join the webinar?

Click here to register. A few days before the webinar takes place, you will receive an email with a link to connect to the webinar.

What software is used?


If you have never used GotoWebinar before, we advise you to check the compatibility with your IT system.


For any question on the webinar, please contact Rui Ribeiro

E-Peer Review

UITP Academy can assist with an e-peer review on preparing for pandemics, managing the response, and developing integrated action plans for the public transport sector. See how it works and the topics we can offer here.

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