Online Module 2 - Integration for an “all-in” mobility offer - Second Trimester 2019

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Integration for an “all-in” mobility offer

The Integration with other sustainable mobility solutions is a condition to achieve seamless mobility and for public transport to become a preferred alternative to the private car. With the emergence of new technologies and new mobility services, opportunities arise in favour of a more effective integration of our services. This module will look at best practice and innovative solutions in which public transport is seizing opportunities to engage with such new stakeholders, including autonomous vehicles, ride and car sharing services while looking at the way they integrate from physical and customer perspectives

The second module includes five e-learning sessions on:

  • Autonomous vehicles and opportunities for public transport
  • Physical integration and multimodality
  • Integration with car sharing
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Ride sharing and integration with public transport

UITP reserves the right to make amendments to the programme.

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Three Modules (15 e-learning sessions): 499 euro 

One Module (5 e-learning sessions): 199 euro 

For participants of Diploma programmes (all): Free.

Please note that cancellation is not possible once the participant is registered. The full Terms and Conditions are available here.

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