Expert Groups

Expert Groups

The UITP working structure reflects the diversity and expertise of UITP’s membership base, taking into account the different modes of public transport, the diverse public transport stakeholders, the member companies’ business areas as well as their geographical locations.

UITP is organised into regional, modal and sectoral Divisions, each containing one or more Committees.

Depending on their field of activity and region of origin, members belong to one or more Divisions, which deal with specific public transport modes or sectors. In addition, general topics are addressed by UITP's Commissions.

Committees and Commissions compile and develop global knowledge for the whole community of members.

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Centres for Transport Excellence

UITP is a global association with 1,500 member companies in 96 countries and the consolidation of the regional services has been one of its main development objectives in recent years. The work has included the creation of the Centres for Transport Excellence (CTEs) in the Asia Pacific and MENA Regions.

The objectives of the CTEs are to share knowledge, conduct research and perform training to support the development of efficient public transport policies and solutions. The CTEs aim to promote sustainable mobility systems as a way of improving the standard of living in a specific region.


Regional Divisions and Offices

  • Africa


    The UATP (African Union of Public Transport) is the African Division of UITP.

    It includes professionals from Sub-Saharan Africa in the industry of public transport of people and goods by road, rail and water.

    It was established in 2002 in Lomé (Togo) and its headquarters are located in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Bouaké Meité, Directeur Général, Société des Transports Abidjanais, Ivory Coast

    UITP staff: Yssoufou Cisse, uatp(at)

  • Asia - Pacific

    Asia - Pacific

    The UITP Asia-Pacific Division was set up in 1993 and brings together authorities, operators, institutions, academia and industry suppliers from the complete Asia-Pacific region. The headquarters of the UITP Asia-Pacific Division are located in Hong Kong, China, and UITP has also regional offices in Melbourne (Australia) and Bangalore (India).

    The Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence was formed and launched with joint efforts between the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) and UITP. It is located in Singapore.

    The UITP Asia-Pacific Executive Committee governs the Division.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Masaki Ogata, Vice Chairman and Honorary President of UITP, East Japan Railway Company, Japan

    UITP Staff: Sue Chan, sue.chan(at)

  • Australia and New Zealand

    Australia and New Zealand

    UITP is represented in Australia and New Zealand by UITP Australia New Zealand (known as UITPANZ). UITPANZ is part of the UITP Asia-Pacific Division. 

    UITPANZ facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge to further the development and advancement of public transport policy, planning and operations in the region. It is the only international association covering all modes of public transport in the Australia New Zealand region. UITPANZ is managed by a Board of Management.

    For more information, please visit


    Contact info

    Chairperson: Ian Dobbs, Board Nominee (Victoria), Public Transport Victoria, Australia

    UITP Staff: Rob Pearce, rob.pearce(at)

  • Eurasia


    UITP activities in Russia include Eurasian regional conferences, workshops, training programmes and the organisation of study tours.

    The UITP Eurasian Division addresses a wide range of public transport issues and works to support pro-public transport policies in the Russian Federation and the CIS region as well as the activities of the Committee. Its principal concerns since its conception have been:

    • Fare collection
    • Rolling stock
    • Regulatory framework

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Mikhailov Eugene, Advisor to the CEO, Mosgortrans

    UITP Staff: Yussup Khassiev,


  • Europe


    UITP Europe is structured in two sections:

    •   EU Policy

    UITP is the international association representing public transport stakeholders. In the European Union, UITP brings together more than 400 urban, suburban and regional public transport operators and authorities from all the member states and is consequently recognized as a key interlocutor for the European institutions and other bodies.

    More information:

    Thomas Avanzata, European Affairs Director, thomas.avanzata(at)

    •   EU Projects

    UITP’s EU Projects Team has led or partnered in a wide range of European projects for many years, with the European Commission recognising UITP as a key interlocutor in promoting public transport stakeholders’ priorities for research and innovation.

    More information:

    Umberto Guida, Deputy Director of the European Department, umberto.guida(at)

  • European Union

    European Union

    In the European Union, UITP brings together more than 400 urban, suburban and regional public transport operators and authorities from all member states and interacts with the European institutions and other organisations. It represents the perspective of short distance passenger transport services by all modes: bus, regional and suburban rail, metro, light rail and tram and waterborne. 

    These services are often organised in integrated public transport networks covering metropolitan areas and other specific territories. 

    We assist and advise UITP members and EU decision-makers concerning all aspects of European policies relating to the public transport sector.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Ulrich Weber, Head of staff unit subsidies / EU affairs, Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG, Germany

    UITP Staff: Thomas Avanzata, thomas.avanzata(at)

  • Central and Eastern European Countries

    Central and Eastern European Countries

    The CEEC Division is responsible for UITP operations in 17 Central and Eastern European countries and in Israel. We provide technical assistance and knowledge support to 90+ fast-growing members. For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Ulrich Weber, Head of staff unit subsidies / EU affairs, Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG, Germany

    UITP staff: Artur Perchel, artur.perchel(at)
  • India


    UITP opened its first liaison office in the region in Bangalore, India, in March 2007.

    UITP and Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding providing full administrative support in the establishment and running of the India Office.

    The prime objective of the UITP Regional Office in India is to better address the specific needs of Indian members and the public transport sector and its stakeholders in the country.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Ekroop Caur, Managing Director, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), India

    UITP Staff: Jaspal Singh,

  • Iran


    In light of the expansion of public transport in Iran in recent years, UITP opened a Liaison Office in Teheran in May 2008 to further support the development of metro, LRT, BRT and bus systems across the country.

    The main task of the UITP Iran Liaison Office is to promote the international experience and knowledge of public transport among Iranian members. Currently 33 Iranian companies are members of UITP.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    UITP staff: Mohammad Montazeri, mohammad.montazeri(at)

  • Latin America

    Latin America

    The UITP Latin American Division was created in 2003 at the UITP World Congress in Madrid, Spain, and the regional office was subsequently established in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2005.

    Its main objective is to promote best practices in public transport and develop cooperation to provide alternatives for mobility in cities. This is only possible thanks to the support of more than 60 local members in Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay. Working together with local authorities, bus and rail operators and suppliers in the region, the Latin America Division has the ability to identify and understand the particular needs of the region, including understanding the local culture.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Sr Jurandir Fernando Ribeiro Fernandes

    UITP Staff: Eleonora Pazos, eleonora.pazos(at)

  • Middle East and North Africa

    Middle East and North Africa

    The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region covers an extensive area extending from Morocco in northwest Africa to Iran in southwest Asia. UITP has had a presence in the MENA region with members since the mid-1990s and officially opened the MENA Division in June 2005 at the 56th UITP World Congress in Rome, Italy.

    Now, UITP MENA stands strong with its largest number of members ever and features a diverse network of public transport professionals, supported by a full-time MENA office and the Roads & Transport Authority as host of UITP’s Regional MENA Congress.

    As the knowledge hub of the public transport sector in Middle East and North Africa, UITP MENA Centre for Transport Excellence offers global public transport training solutions and professional development programs, develops human capital for tomorrow’s public transport sector.

    The UITP MENA Regional office and the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence are both located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    Chairperson of the MENA Division: Khalid Alhogail, CEO - Board Director, Saudi Public Transport CO, Saudi Arabia

    Chairperson of the MENA Centre of Transport Excellence: Nasser Hamad Abu Shahab, CEO Strategy and Corporate Governance, Roads and Transport Authority, UAE

    UITP Staff: Ayman Smadi,

  • Maghreb


    UITP opened a liaison office in Casablanca, Morocco in 2015 in order to organise and provide training, studies and seminars to public transport professionals in the region as well as to raise the international profile of sustainable mobility projects in the Maghreb.

    The UITP Liaison Office in Casablanca is part of the UITP MENA Division.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    UITP Staff: Dounia Gourram, dounia.gourram(at)

  • North America

    North America

    UITP’s North American chapter groups members from Canada, the United States of America, as well as some English-speaking neighbouring islands such as Bermuda and Jamaica. Members range from transit agencies to the service and supply industry as well as a number of academic and research institutes.

    The North American chapter seeks to increase the exchange of best practice and networking between North American members and other UITP members worldwide and works closely with the three major national associations in the region: APTA (the American Public Transportation Association), ATUQ (the urban transit association of Quebec) and CUTA (the Canadian Urban Transit Association).

    The UITP North America Regional office was established in September 2015 and is located in New York, USA.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info


    UITP Staff: Andrew Bata, andrew.bata(at)

  • Turkey


    Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which has been reflected by the significant public transport developments over the last few years. The country has committed to double the urban rail infrastructure by 2023. Several BRT systems are also being built and have started operating recently.

    UITP activities in Turkey have been continuously growing since the opening of its liaison office in Istanbul in 2007. Besides the development of customized information and services, the Liaison Office also organises conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions and working group meetings as well as study tours and trade missions.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact info

    UITP Staff: Kaan Yildizgöz, kaan.yildizgoz(at)

Sectoral Divisons and Committees

  • Industry


    No more info for this Expert group

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Håkan Karlsson, Executive Vice President, AB Volvo, Sweden

  • Information Technology and Service Industry (ITSI)

    Information Technology and Service Industry (ITSI)

    Members of the industry cooperate in UITP to understand the impact of new technologies; to move favorable developments forward; to suggest recommendations and to disseminate good practices in the field of information technology systems, with the aim of further supporting “the smart traveler in its intelligent community.” Within UITP, they maintain a permanent exchange on these topics with the operators, the organizing authorities and the other actors of the sector.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: René Zeller, Partner, HITOUCH AG, Switzerland

    UITP staff: Lindsey Mancini, lindsey.mancini(at) - Andrea Soehnchen, andrea.soehnchen(at)


  • Vehicles and Equipment Industry (VEI)

    Vehicles and Equipment Industry (VEI)

    Industry manufacturers and suppliers work together in the vehicles and equipment industry to provide worldwide integrated knowledge on selected topics and to prepare advocacy material on issues related to vehicular technology. The committee contributes in particular to cooperation with other associations (e.g. UNIFE, ACEA, …), benchmarking with other sectors (Automotive, Aeronautics, Distribution, …), cooperation among UITP industry members and cooperation with operators and authorities. Further issues potentially dealt with by the Committee relate to the various public transport assets and fields of operation.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Tammo Voigt, Head of eMobility Consulting, EVOBUS GmbH, Germany

    UITP staff: Arno Kerkhof, arno.kerkhof(at)


  • Organising Authorities

    Organising Authorities

    In UITP Organising authorities cooperate with the whole UITP membership to collect, develop and provide knowledge on issues ranging from market organisation and governance to regulatory frameworks, funding and financing. Authorities find in UITP a unique environment to exchange and interact with the other actors of the sector, in particular industry and operators, on issues of common interest as diverse as public transport operations, integrated mobility plans and technological innovation.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Jeremy Weng Lock Yap, Deputy Chief Executive, Public transport, policy and planning, Land Transport Authority, Singapore

    UITP staff: Caroline Fabianski, caroline.fabianski(at)


Modal Divisions and Committees

  • Bus


    Public transport operators from all regions of the world work together in UITP to exchange on issues of common interest and solutions to common challenges related to the organization, operation and management of Bus systems. They jointly contribute to the improvement of efficiency and the development and deployment of innovations for instance for cleaner bus systems and innovative bus services.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Renée Amilcar, Executive Director, STM, Montréal 

    UITP staff: Arno Kerkhof, arno.kerkhof(at)

  • Trolleybus


    The Trolleybus Committee brings together operators and the industry to work  on all issues related to trolleybus systems and suitable rolling stock. The Trolleybus Committee explores for instance trends in the design and manufacture of on-board electric power storage units and electric power feeding/charging systems and related infrastructure, e-grid bus systems and e-grid rolling stocks.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Vasily Andreevich Ostryakov, CEO, State Unitary Entreprise Gorelectrotrans, Russian Federation

    UITP staff: Yussup Khassiev, yussup.khassiev(at)

  • Light Rail

    Light Rail

    UITP provides worldwide integrated knowledge on issues related to light rail. Gathering mainly operators, the light rail committee is a platform for exchange, discussions and benchmarking, to move reflection forward, to suggest recommendations and to present good practices in the field of organization, operation and management of Light Rail systems for all interested UITP members. 

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Stephan Lewisch, Operation Director Metro, Tram and Bus, Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG, Austria

    UITP staff: Laurent Dauby, laurent.dauby(at)

  • Metro


    Gathering most of the metro operators from across the world, UITP is the place of exchange and production of expertise on all issues related to metros, from operations to rolling stock, fixed installations, finance and commerce, electric installations and safety systems. Its observatory of automated metros is a unique reference.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Luc Bioul, Senior Vice President Operations, Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB), Belgium

    UITP staff: Miryam Hernandez, miryam.hernandez(at)

  • Regional and Suburban Rail

    Regional and Suburban Rail

    Rail operators work together in UITP on issues related to the various development stages of Regional and Suburban Railways in the world: planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Their work encompasses safety and security, quality and customer care, environment, funding and economy, technology, innovation, and the legal and regulatory environment.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Harel Even, Senior advisor to the CEO, Israel Railways Ltd, Israel

    UITP staff: Laurent Dauby, laurent.dauby(at)

Thematic Commissions

  • Business and Human Resources Management

    Business and Human Resources Management

    UITP members work together in the Commission on business and human resources management with the aim of supporting our membership in developing efficient management, corporate social involvement, customer orientation and excellence in human resources management.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Anne-Laure Noat, Partner, Eurogroup Consulting, France

    UITP staff: Cécile Sadoux, cecile.sadoux(at)

  • Information Technology (IT) and Innovation

    Information Technology (IT) and Innovation

    Public transport operators and authorities cooperate in UITP to understand the impact of new technologies; to move favorable developments forward; to suggest recommendations and to disseminate good practices in the field of information technology systems, with the aim of further supporting “the smart traveler in its intelligent community.” Within UITP, they maintain a permanent exchange on these topics with the industry and the other actors of the sector.



    Contact info

    Chairperson: Stefan Hulman, CEO, 9292-Reisinformatiegroep B.V., Netherlands

    UITP staff: Lindsey Mancini, lindsey.mancini(at)


  • Marketing and Product Development

    Marketing and Product Development

    The marketing and product development commission aims to increase awareness on the importance of a customer-oriented approach to improve public transport attractiveness and use. It supports UITP membership to develop strategies to preserve the existing customers and attract new clients.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Patrique Campal Lindahl, Deputy Director, Group Commercial Department, Transdev Group, France

    UITP staff: Indira Khara, indira.khara(at)

  • Combined Mobility

    Combined Mobility

    The combined mobility commission addresses all issues related to the complementarity between public transport and other sustainable modes in the urban transport system. It demonstrates the benefits of combined mobility services and identify with actors what services are missing in their product portfolio to become true mobility providers. It also gives UITP members the opportunity to discuss relevant and technical issues specific to each mode as well as issues related to complementarity and integration between the different modes. 

    Contact info

    Chairperson: David van Kesteren, CEO, Cambio Taxistop, Belgium

    UITP staff: Caroline Cerfontaine, caroline.cerfontaine(at)

  • Security


    The security commission studies, assesses and promotes innovative approaches for enhanced public transport security (PTS). It endeavors to promote the importance of security in public transport, and advocates with guidance for security to be embedded in the corporate structure and culture of public transport networks. It seeks to underline the role of security in ensuring the continuity of operations and improving service, thereby helping public transport to become the mode of choice for today’s citizens.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Jan Politiek, Chief Security Officer, Arriva Nederland, Netherlands

    UITP staff: Anne Mordret, anne.mordret(at) - Andrea Soehnchen, andrea.soehnchen(at)

  • Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development

    Operators, authorities and industry cooperate within UITP on all issues related to urban transport and sustainable development to support the positive contribution public transport makes to sustainable development. Activities include the development of the UITP Sustainability Charter programme along the lines of corporate sustainability (CSR) and sustainability reporting, the coordination of UITP’s efforts on smart cities and support to UITP’s environment and sustainable development lobbying activities 

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Projal Dutta, Director Sustainable Initiatives, MTA New York City Transit, USA

    UITP staff: Philip Turner, philip.turner(at)

  • Transport Economics

    Transport Economics

    UITP Commission on transport economics provides factual analysis and informed opinion on issues related to cost management, infrastructure investment, funding streams and sources, and financial engineering to provide suitable frameworks for public and urban transport.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Beat Mueller, Directeur Marché International, Postauto Schweiz AG, Switzerland

    UITP staff: Hilia Boris Iglesia, hilia.boris-iglesia(at)

  • Transport and Urban Life

    Transport and Urban Life

    UITP Commission on transport and urban Life aims to increase the awareness of the intertwining between public transport and other urban policies.  It provides a platform for exchange, discussions and benchmarking, to move reflection forward, to suggest recommendations and to present good practices for a good coordination between transport policy and other urban policies such as for instance land use and urban development. 

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Hanne Bertnes Norli, Planning Director, RUTER AS, Norway

    UITP staff: Anne Mordret, anne.mordret(at)

Other Expert Groups

  • Academic Network

    Academic Network

    UITP academic network brings together academic and researcher members of UITP to exchange knowledge on future developments in the public transport sector, strengthen the links between research and practice and support with academic expertise UITP specific initiatives. 

    Contact info

    UITP staff: Hilia Boris Iglesia, hilia.boris-iglesia(at)

  • Exhibitions Commision

    Exhibitions Commision

    The Exhibitions Commission establishes medium and long-term strategies aiming at developing the UITP exhibitions as truly international showcases of the worldwide mobility sector.

    The Commission gives a particular attention to the development of international, thematic and regional Exhibitions aiming to facilitate access to specific markets and to stimulate business exchange and networking.

    It addresses the return of value of UITP Exhibitions for the exhibitors as well as for UITP itself. The Commission also watches and evaluates the international non-UITP exhibition market and comes forward with recommendations.

    The Commission participates in the selection process of UITP Summits and takes actively part in the preparations.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Dirk Snauwaert, Public relations Manager, Van Hool NV, Belgium

    UITP staff: Hicham Badram, hicham.badram(at)

  • Design and Culture Platform

    Design and Culture Platform

    The UITP design & culture platform is the place where UITP members exchange and develop knowledge on design and architecture to craft solutions for spaces, services or components. The platform is at the crossroads of several disciplines including product design, architecture, identity design, signage, information and interface design , landscape and urban planning.  In this platform, members also  work on the cultural and artistic action to strengthen the sensitive scope of solutions and to renew their impacts on the public. 

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Giuseppe Attoma, Senior Design Strategist, attoma, France

    UITP staff: Laetitia Delzenne, laetitia.delzenne(at)

  • Taxi Platform

    Taxi Platform

    The UITP Taxi Platform is made up of taxi authorities, operators, academics and industry companies and serves as a forum for contacts, knowledge exchange and professional discussions amongst UITP members interested in taxi transport.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Abdullah Sultan Al Sabbagh, Group CEO, Cars Taxi Services Co LLC, United Arab Emirates

    UITP Staff: Kaan Yildizgöz, kaan.yildizgoz(at)

  • Waterborne Transport Platform

    Waterborne Transport Platform

    UITP brings together its members involved in waterborne operations to exchange, increase awareness and develop knowledge on issues ranging from accessibility, the local environment (emissions), system integration and intermodality, safety and terminal design.

    Contact info

    Chairperson: Gebrand Schutten, Director, Aquabus BV, Netherlands

    UITP Staff: Indira Khara,

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