3iBS Stakeholders’ Expert Group – meeting #5

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The 5th meeting of the Stakeholders’ Expert Group took place the 10th December in the STIB headquarter in Brussels.

The group’s members had the opportunity to learn more about selected solutions successfully implemented in European cities to improve the level of service and the intermodality of bus systems. After a short introduction of Michele Tozzi, 3iBS project manager, Laura Delgado from Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (CRTM) gave an overview of the two topics and presented the study cases analysed.

Level of Service is conceived in 3iBS as the performance of a bus system provided as interaction between vehicle, infrastructure, operation and IT elements. It was stated that Level of Service measures the quantity of the service as it is planned (frequency, capacity, operating span, etc.) and Quality of Service deals more with the passengers’ perception about the service actually offered (information provided, driver’s attitude, driving comfort, etc.). The second topic, Intermodality, is analysed in the project as an interaction and needs of bus services when combining with other public transport modes and complementary modes (walking, bike, car pooling and car sharing, etc.).

After the presentations, the participants shared their knowledge and experience on the above topics, providing when relevant examples of solutions implemented in other European PT networks. The outcomes of the discussion, moderated by Elios Pascual – 3iBS advisor, will be used to finalize the recommendations for implementation as well as for research, which will further serve to update the Roadmap for Advanced Bus Systems.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to a general presentation of STIB (delivered by Joachim Bergerhoff, Senior Strategic Analyst at STIB-MIVB) and a visit at the bus depot Jacques Brel.

For more information, please contact: info@3ibs.eu

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