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Public transport companies are big producers of data. How can this data be put to use so that it improves our services? Different operators have different answers to that question.

In the next issue of Public Transport International magazine (PTI n°3/2015 – “Making better use of data”), we are focusing on the emergence of data-driven marketing, whereby new mobility services, made possible by better manipulation of data, are becoming part of the attraction of public transport, and how this convergence of ICT and marketing are being dealt with by different public transport bodies. We’ve also had a look at how data can be used to predict maintenance needs, or even measure accessibility. There’s also an extract from Public Transport Trends 2015 – the number one reference guide to the state of affairs of public transport around the world – and a word on autonomous vehicles role in the sharing economy and Tehran’s attempts at high capacity Bus Rapid Transit.

This new issue has just been printed and UITP members and subscribers will receive it in the coming days.

Two sample articles are available here

PTI magazine is a quarterly publication featuring stories from the public transport sector as well as UITP member news. It is available in English, French, Spanish and German. UITP member organisations receive it as part of their membership package. (+ LINK TO

  • The PDF version is available to UITP members now in our electronic library, MOBI+ and in MyUITP
  • Non-members can subscribe to the magazine by contacting Doriano Angotzi, doriano.angotzi(at)
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