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The second issue of the PTI Magazine in 2019 is out! This edition puts a special focus on our Global Public Transport Summit 2019, coming to Stockholm in 10 days!

With one of the biggest plenaries of the Summit being held on the topic of 'Redefining public transport', this issue of the PTI brings you a preface to that discussion as it explores the complementarity of new mobility services with mass public transport modes.

The following is an excerpt from the PTI 2/2019.

They are everywhere. Quickly invading our streets and sidewalks. Multiplying the number of icons on our smartphones screens, as much as the number of lines of our credit card bills.

Digital platforms have taken the urban mobility sector by storm, with the promise of bringing complementary solutions to public transport, such as the tram, the metro and the bus. While some are calling it a “disruption”, others label it as appropriation of public spaces. Either way, these new players are now a visible part of our urban landscapes.

Used by millions of city dwellers, these services offer a low-cost, yet efficient mobility solution to cover the first and last mile of travel, which is often described as the last challenge to completing the perfect door-to-door journey. Still quite recent, these actors have taken on various forms: from the big and influential ride-hailing companies, like Uber and Lyft, to bike and car sharing, e-scooters, on-demand services and other mobility start-ups. New players are drastically changing the way we move.

Although, it is yet too early to know if these platforms will be long-lasting, and under which form they will develop, it is already easy to guess that their impact will be felt past their investors’ pockets. Indeed, with the ambition of changing the mobility game, the limits of these players seem only to stop at their capacity to adapt to the competition, regulation and users’ needs.

As the number of new digital players continues to grow, the PTI Magazine took the time to sit down with their founders or executives, to better understand what characterises them, as well as to get a portrait of who they are and how they operate in the mobility ecosystem.

As some new mobility players are still launching their initial public offering, and others are beginning to join forces with mass transport operators, one wonders whether passengers have found the missing link that will once and for all make them leave their once beloved car in the garage, to select their closest digital mobility solution on their way to the metro or bus… to the benefit of a higher quality of life.

Enjoy your read,

The PTI Editorial Team

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