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The latest issue of Public Transport magazine is out now! 

From sensors to smartphones, from central planning to citizen empowerment; from driverless, contactless, ticketless technology, to seamless, green and intelligent mobility, the world is entering an era of greater connection than ever before.

In this issue of the magazine, we invite you to read the experiences of some smart initiatives around the world, from Vienna to Porto Alegre, from Seoul to Enschede. We’ve also tackled the subject of getting integrated mobility platforms ready for the market, UITP’s recent appearance at the UN Climate Summit, and a wrap-up of the SECUR-ED project…

…plus lots more.

For more information please contact editor(at)

PTI magazine is a quarterly publication featuring stories from the public transport sector as well as UITP member news. The next issue has just been published and will be sent to UITP members by post. Non-members can subscribe to the magazine here

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