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It’s that time of year again…As 2016 gradually comes to a close, we take a look back at the top ten articles that featured on the UITP website this year as voted for by you, the reader. So here they are in descending order, your ten most popular articles of the year: 

10.Global leaders to support public transport in New Urban Agenda

Before the landmark Habitat III conference in Quito in October, UITP actively participated in the creation of the Quito Declaration and provided key input, which helped shape the draft text. The Declaration recognised public transport and mobility as key components for achieving sustainable urban development. Read more.

9. Towards a standard for electric bus charging

Have you ever wondered why the take-up of electric buses has been so slow? Well, it’s partly to do with the charging infrastructure. Whilst the car industry has recognised the importance of working towards a standard (or even a single system) for charging infrastructure, this is still lacking within the electric bus industry. Public transport is now working on a standard. Read on.

8. “The new mobility services are essential to reduce congestion”

There is increasing recognition among decision makers that the new mobility services arriving on the scene, if integrated correctly, can play a vital role in cutting congestion. Here we talk to Fabienne Herlaut, advisor to companies on mobility 2.0 and a member of the strategic committee of Mov’eo, about the rapidly changing mobility world.

7. UITP 2017 Global Public Transport Summit: call for contributions

The anticipation ahead of the 2017 Global Public Transport Summit in Montréal is building and the response to the call for contributions earlier this year was quite simply overwhelming. Here we look back at the key themes that will be discussed and debated at the biggest event in public transport.

6. Global Public Transport Summit 2019: Stockholm

It’s…Stockholm! Yes, that’s right, after Montréal in 2017, UITP’s flagship event will head to the Swedish capital in 2019. More than 30 cities applied to host the Summit and Stockholm saw off hot competition from fellow shortlisted cities Birmingham and Barcelona to be crowned Summit host for 2019.

5. Counting the benefits of light rail

Light rail is a mode that is enjoying a remarkable revival and 80 cities are currently either building or planning their first light rail line. It’s a mode that carries 45 million people each day in 388 cities and in this article looks in depth at the many advantages that light rail can bring to urban environments.

4. Five key takeaways from IT-TRANS 2016

Rapid urbanisation, the insatiable rise of the smart phone and the emergence of the sharing economy are all changing the way that people use public transport and their expectations of it. If there was one word that came up again and again at the 2016 IT-TRANS it was ‘customer’ and how to harness IT to meet ever-more demanding customer expectations. Here we look at the key takeaways from the unmissable IT in public transport event.

3. Active transport and healthier cities: making the connection

Cities around the world are facing a major crisis: poor air quality, physical inactivity and road traffic injuries, causing a dramatic increase in health problems. Fortunately, there is a solution at hand: active transport and UITP’s Policy Brief on the topic helps environment, health and transport policy makers to join the dots to tackle the issue.

2. Mobility as a Service: an alternative to owning a car

It’s the buzzword that’s on everyone’s lips right now…Mobility as a Service (or ‘MaaS’). But what actually is it and can it really help provide a viable alternative to owning a car? Here we look at how the concept promises to transform mobility in Finland.

1. World’s first example of Mobility as a Service now live in Hannover

And the winner is…The most popular article featured on this year was you’ve guessed it, about MaaS. The German city of Hannover has been a pioneer in MaaS and in March we covered the launch of üstra and GVH´s ‘Mobility Shop,’ the very first fully operational example of MaaS. Find out more about Hannover and a concept you’re sure to hear a lot more about in the months and years to come. 

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