UITP is “Redefining Public Transport” in a landmark series of mini-documentaries produced by BBC StoryWorks

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This year, UITP set out on a mission.

We decided to tell the world some important stories we felt they needed to hear.

And we thought that this should be showcased in a way that has never been done before.

The way in which we move around our cities is changing.

It became more important than ever to tell the world what has been happening in the public transport sector - and what an incredible impact urban mobility options have on their lives.

But instead of telling them, we decided to show them...

In order to place a global spotlight on the sector and highlight the many ways in which people’s lives are benefited by using public transport, UITP is proud to present Redefining Public Transport: the changing faces of urban mobility, a landmark series produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

So what will this international series showcase? And how will we update any misconceptions people may have about public transport?

Our plan to work alongside a selection of our members to show the public transport landscape in their home cities, in the form of a series of mini-documentaries, quickly came to fruition. Months of creative planning with the BBC StoryWorks team, and the generous willingness from our members to participate, brought our ideas home.

“UITP sees public transport as a vitally important sector to place a spotlight on. Working closely with our members, in all of the parts of the world UITP reaches, we are determined to show the many ways in which public transport is the blood in which our cities flow. Cities must offer citizens the best ways to move around – and above all else, public transport is for all people”,
said Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General

There are many advantages to having more than 1700 members in 100 countries across the globe. Some of those advantages are the incredible talent, vision, skillset and dedication working hard each day to make our cities move.

Working alongside our international UITP family, our message was simple: public transport is for all people. And all people need to see that.

This series explores the next generation of urban mobility and the improvement it is already making to people’s wellbeing around the world.

Filmed in 17 cities on four continents, Redefining Public Transport spotlights cities and organisations that are working to create lasting change in urban mobility, encouraging large numbers of people out of private vehicles and towards an array of shared services.

From micro-mobility to multi-modality, from automation to electrification, their stories are brought to life with striking visuals and enlightening commentary that also aim at clearing up any misconceptions or outdated images about public transport. 

Premiered at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit (Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019) – the biggest event of its kind in public transport and urban mobility - the full 16 mini-documentaries of this exciting series are now available online on our brand new #RedefiningPT platform!

visit our brand new #RedefiningPT platform

See for yourself what the changing faces of urban mobility look like and join the conversation using #RedefiningPT!

Missed the first announcement on our plans to redefine PT? Catch up now!

Urban mobility leaders extensively discussed what redefining public transport entails during our dedicated plenary session at 2019 UITP Global Public Transport Summit : Read more about their conclusions and check out all the key highlights of the Summit

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