UITP takes an active lead in the autonomous revolution

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UITP happily partnered up this year with Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit 2018, held last week from 18-20 October in Paris. With both a summit and exhibition, this event is dedicated to professionals showcasing the latest innovations in the urban mobility sector.

Autonomy was successful in highlighting the biggest actors in new mobility, providing ample space for promising start-ups to pitch their products and new ideas. Many UITP members were involved and participated in the event, some with live demonstrations of their services, and others unveiling world premiere launches of new products.

Of course, given the title of the event, one of the hottest topics of discussion during the summit was about autonomous vehicles. UITP Senior Manager, Caroline Cerfontaine, gave an excellent presentation on this topic.

Before autonomous cars, there were autonomous trains: the public transport sector is leading the autonomous revolution. Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is changing the landscape of urban mobility as we know it, and it’s our responsibility to ensure that it is used to improve the quality of life in cities.

In this context, UITP has launched an ambitious project to ensure that the integration of AVs in public transport is a success. Our flagship UITP project, SPACE (Shared Personalised Autonomous Connected vEhicles), kicked-off last March and is already well underway. Currently more than 45 UITP members from 20 countries, representing the whole sustainable mobility community, have joined the project, working together to place public transport at the centre of the AV revolution and help build the AV-public transport ecosystem.

To discuss the latest developments of the SPACE project, UITP organised in conjunction with the Organising Authorities Committee a successful SPACE workshop on 9 October in Lyon.

Alongside discussing the mission and objectives of the project, the event also welcomed insights from the cities of Hamburg, Helsinki and Singapore into their AV strategies.

Furthermore, the workshop reviewed the allocation of AV initiatives to different spatial scenarios (high-density, suburban, small city, rural), highlighting the fact that the integration of AVs should first and foremost support the vision we have for our cities and their public transport infrastructure. The workshop ended with an interesting technical visit to an AV-pilot in the Confluence district in Lyon.

You can find the presentations of the SPACE workshop in Lyon on MyLibrary (members only).

What else is on the #road2SPACE? Read more in our new leaflet!

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