UMii - Urban Mobility Innovation Index

Urban Mobility Innovation Index

UMii is based on composite indicator that enable intercity comparison and conversation, rather than scoring and ranking cities competitively.

The goal is to provide a guide for cities around the world to foster innovation in their urban mobility services and systems. Data will be collected from cities worldwide and will be analysed and produced in a final report. Cities contributing data will also be invited to take part in the Urban Mobility Innovation Forum, dedicated to exchange and learn ‘next and best’ practices. 

The first results of the project will be presented at the Global Public Transport Summit (15-17 May 2017) in Montréal.


  • Duration: June 2016 –June 2017
  • Budget:
  • Coordinator: UITP, International Association for Public Transport
  • Partners: RTA (Dubai Roads & Transports Authority), Future Cities Catapult


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Contact: Karine Sbirrazzuoli

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