COP22: what’s on the agenda for public transport?

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UITP will be present this week at the COP22 discussions in Marrakesh, Morocco, making the case for public transport. UITP and the wider sustainable transport community will be pushing the message that public transport is absolutely essential to reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement: without a greater shift to sustainable mobility, this will be increasingly unlikely.

Here are some of the highlights of what’s on the agenda:

Friday 11 November

9:00-10:30 (local time):
COP22 side event: ‘Linking global initiatives to concrete actions on the ground for low carbon rail and urban public transport’. UITP Secretary General Alain Flausch will present UITP’s efforts linked to the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit and COP 21. This will be complemented by a similar presentation from the Secretary General of the International Union of Railways (UIC), Jean-Pierre Loubinoux. Presentations from the participants will cover sustainability initiatives in their respective organisations/countries with a special focus on Morocco and Africa. Further information can be found here.

UNFCCC Side Event: ‘Charting pathways to decarbonise transport’. The Secretary Generals of the International Transport Forum (ITF), UIC and UITP will each present their organisation’s and sector’s efforts on climate change and sustainable development goals, notably in the context of PTx2.  This event will be broadcast live via this link.

Saturday 12 November

COP Action Event on Transport: showcase segment. This segment will share factors for success and lessons learned from selected initiatives, in order to enable others to implement more rapidly. Speakers will comment on opportunities for initiatives to play a role in the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs), and policy makers will discuss required changes to promote transformative action. The session will particularly highlight the initiatives’ activities in Africa. Amadou Ba (CETUD – Dakar executive council for urban transport) is scheduled to speak during this session to present the UITP Declaration on Climate Leadership and highlight the efforts he is undertaking in Dakar and the links to Senegal’s climate strategy. Further information here.

COP Action Event on Transport. Addressing climate change in a growing transport sector. Mobility will need to grow considerably, especially in developing regions like Africa, Asia, and Latin America, so that these regions can successfully pursue their economic development and implement the Sustainable Development Goals. The session will discuss how to balance these objectives through adequate public policies and what financial support mechanisms can facilitate the deployment of sustainable transport systems.

Financing low carbon transport. This event will look at the financing needs for mobility and sustainable transport projects, that are innovative, accessible to all and that help spur development. UITP is among the co-organisers of this event.

Sunday 13 November

Transport Day Marrakesh

14.45 – 15.45: 
Plenary session: ‘Action on Sustainable low carbon transport in Africa session.’ Africa is a rapidly changing continent and this session will outline and discuss strategies how Africa can link its transport developmental efforts with sound climate change management, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation. The outcomes of the session are expected to help facilitate the development of a regional strategy on low carbon development of the transport sector in Africa.

Public transport role recognised in official policy makers’ report

In the run up to Marrakesh, the UN’s 2016 Summary for Policymakers report identified immediate actions that can promote emission reductions, enhance climate resilience and further engage non-Party stakeholders, including through low-carbon development and national adaptation plans. The 2016 edition also highlights policies, cooperative initiatives and partnerships that can leverage new levels of national and international action around the world, with UITP’s Declaration on Climate Leadership highlighted as a cooperative initiative in the transport sector that can have a ‘significant impact in catalysing effective low-carbon transport action globally’.


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In the meantime, find out more about UITP’s role in the fight against climate change.

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