COP23 closing ceremony: UITP feature in Yearbook of Global Climate Action

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A high-level closing ceremony has been held at COP23 (November 15th, Bonn) to highlight the most relevant outcomes of the five days of activities at the Global Climate Action events – and to unveil The Yearbook of Global Climate Action 2017 featuring UITP. The ceremony was held in the ‘New York’ plenary room in the Bula Zone and is available to view via webcast. The Yearbook was presented to the Parties and highlights the achievements made under the Marrakech Partnership – and is now available to view.

The First Yearbook details what has been achieved during the past year and places the spotlight on how pre-2020 ambition can be accelerated. Within the acknowledgements section of the Yearbook of Global Climate Action, UITP is referenced as a contributor, highlighting the importance of the association during the Conference, “This first Yearbook of Global Climate Action was made possible by contributions from the coalitions and initiatives of the Marrakech Partnership, represented by…ITF, UITP, UIC…” see full list of contributors, coalitions and initiatives in the full version (link above).

The Yearbook also details the progress towards building resilience to climate change, highlighting how the transport sector benefits from the momentum created by the “COP22 Declaration on Accelerated Action on Adaptation in Transport” in November 2016.

Transport initiatives are also setting the strategic directions and enabling conditions to realize on-the-ground implementation

“Transport initiatives are also setting the strategic directions and enabling conditions to realize on-the-ground implementation. The Global Macro Roadmap outlining an Actionable Vision towards Decarbonised and Resilient Transport was developed by the PPMC, while the International Transport Forum’s Decarbonising Transport project supports the transition to carbon-free transport in its 59 member countries with more than 50 project partners.”  GCA Yearbook 2017.

The inaugural 2017 edition of the Yearbook informs governments about what has been achieved throughout the year – under the umbrella of the Marrakech Partnership.

“Governments must know the action in the real world to accelerate ambition over time, which is required to secure success for agreed global goals. It is a virtuous circle. This Yearbook shows how these actions drive global momentum towards our common challenge.” UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa said.

The Yearbook also details how 75 percent of 350 climate actions pledged by members of UITP’s Declaration on Climate Leadership are being implemented, up by 54 per cent since last year.

“Members of UITP Declaration on Climate Leadership are well placed to act as they include public transport authorities and operators and the public transport supply and service industry.” GCA Yearbook 2017.

UITP is delighted to be referenced in the The Yearbook of Global Climate Action 2017: to have our contributions included by the United Nations Climate Change Conference Secretariat and the Marrakech Partnership is an honour.

It is also worth noting that the UITP press release announcing our historic agreement with the UNFCCC and UIC was selected to be published on the UNFCCC media website – and our article on the Clean Shuttle buses was also published by the UNFCCC.

To read about our full involvement in COP23, complete with pictures, press releases, and blog entries, click here!

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