Policy Briefs

May 2007

The transport & urban life commission invites uitp and its members to take actions to raise the profile of public transport as a key factor of social inclusion.
regional divisions are invited t

January 2007
Smog Cairo

The contribution public transport makes
to reducing carbon use and the mitigating the risk of climate change; this paper
will provide a short background on greenhouse gases (ghg), detail the share

November 2006

A first uitp position paper on fuel choice was published in september, 2000.

May 2005

Regional public transport covers all collective passenger transport services excluding long-distance intercity transport and public transport within cities and urban centres.

January 2005

Today, there are 33 tramway systems in the new EU Member States, a further 19 in the remaining Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs), and over 110 in the Commonwealth of Independent States


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