Priority Topics

The priority working topics result from the analysis of internal developments and external megatrends affecting the public transport market (cf. Public Transport Trends Report published in January 2017) supplemented by additional issues identified by the working bodies in relation with the day-to-day business operation.

The relevant deliverables (events, studies, publications, initiatives, projects) are then decided for each priority topic with the leadership and/or involvement of the concerned working bodies.

Global topics

Based on the main trends affecting urban mobility and considering specific themes dealt with in UITP working bodies, it is proposed to articulate the Integrated Global Work Programme around the following four global topics:

1. Decarbonising urban transport

  • Leading knowledge and advocacy activities supporting the promotion of public transport and other sustainable urban transport modes 
  • Leading activities aimed at reducing the GHG emissions from public transport
  • Reducing use of fossil fuels with deployment of electric propulsion technology
  • Continuing efforts to improve energy efficiency of systems and operations as well as promoting less energy intensive modes
  • Choosing health and improved quality of life for those in cities

2. Excelling in customer service

  • Enhancing customer experience by developing new mobility solutions
  • Strengthening the integration of networks and services 
  • Employing talented staff around customer service delivery

3. Improving cost efficiency and funding

  • Researching new revenue streams
  • Advancing public support and finance
  • Anticipating shrinking public funding
  • Developing tools and exchange platforms to support our members meet financial objectives
  • Introducing new business models and innovative technologies

4. Making cities public transport oriented

  • Helping improve the implementation of sustainable urban mobility principles 
  • Striving to finance and deliver large and ambitious public transport projects more rapidly
  • Improving processes and attracting the necessary talents to answer the challenge of rapid urbanisation 

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the public transport stakeholders will have to consider two main trends that are impacting our sector:

1. Making the most out of digitalisation 

  • Use of digital technologies to improve processes, lower costs and gain productivity (including operation and maintenance)
  • Establishes new business models that provide new revenue and opportunities 

It is the objective of UITP to support its members to make the most out of digitalisation and facilitate the emergence of the tools and references which help tackle the related challenges

2. Attracting talents and skills

  • Rapid development of public transport infrastructure and services and growing expectations of customer require the "right" people, in quantity and quality 
  • Need to develop positive and attractive image of public transport industry as a reputable "employer brand"

UITP will increase awareness of its members on this essential challenge, foster exchange between them in this field, provide them with relevant training programmes, partner with academic institutions and promote the needs of public transport stakeholders.

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