Public Transport in Sub-Saharan Africa

June 2008

Through a large-scale survey with all the public transport actors in Sub-Saharan Africa, authorities as well as operators, this report presents the current public transport environment on the African continent emphasising notably the level of regulatory and institutional reform, current operational mechanisms and the past and current threats to the proper functioning of the transport system. The report does not intend to give a detailed study of each case but will provide the reader with an overall idea of the level of public transport in Africa.Besides, this report highlights the technical maintenance issues that African operators specifically face.

This study on public transport in Sub-Saharan Africa has been carried out by the Trans-Africa project team. The Trans-Africa project aimed at raising awareness, so that decision makers and international agencies support and invest in sustainable and cost-efficient transport systems in African cities. In addition, this project defined the technical specifications for public transport vehicles that are to be used in Africa, in order to facilitate and speed up the development and production process and reduce delivery times and prices.

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