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November 2015

Video surveillance is a very common technology used in public transport, especially for security purposes.

October 2015

Approximately 13.6 billion passengers boarded a tram or light rail vehicle in 2014 in the 388 cities where a system is running.

December 2014

The new edition of “Organisation and major players of short-distance public transport” revises, updates and completes the previous handbook...

October 2014

By the end of 2013, 148 cities worldwide had a metro system, with approximately 150 million passenger trips being made on a daily basis.

September 2014
Public Transport: Driving Europe Forward in 2014-2019

Our priorities for the 2014-2019 European Transport Policy.

June 2014
Advocating public transport in the European Union

UITP Europe at a glance.

June 2014

UITP is launching its first annual publication that tracks and analyses public transport demand trends in the EU Member States.

April 2014
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The UITP Information Technology & Innovation Commission has prepared this paper to set the overall direction of our industry in the light of rapid developments in the field of Open Data.

April 2014

These Action Points aim to present the need for Integrated Mobility Plans (IMPs) at a city/regional level, while providing specific recommendations for public transport sector stakeholders.


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