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March 2014
Public transport, a lever for local economic development and wealth creation

UITP Europe's contribution in the frame of the EU Transport Business Summit that took place on 27 March 2014 in Brussels.

January 2014
Better public transport fare policy for more resilient funding

In this Policy Brief, UITP explains why regular, moderate and accountable fare adjustments should be the rule.

December 2013

This technical study evaluates the differences between various engine technologies and examines the consequences of those differences.

November 2013
Organisation and major players of short-distance public transport in the European Union

The report analyses the organisation of public transport in the EU in the light of the Member States’ gradual adaptation of the European Union’s Regulation 1370/2007 on the organisation of public p

October 2013

The third edition of the Observatory of Employment in Public Transport analyses developments in terms of staff recruitment and retention in Asian countries, drawing comparisons between the Asian and the European landscapes.

September 2013
Metro Automation in 2013

This report presents the latest trends in the use of fully automated metro vehicles, without staff on board.

May 2013
Your voice in the European Union

UITP European Department 2013 leaflet. English version.

May 2013
photo of waterborne transport in Bermuda

In recent years waterborne transport has become an integral part of the urban landscape.

January 2013

This Policy Brief demonstrates that public transport is an essential ingredient of green and inclusive growth.

December 2012

This Focus Paper aims to support the development of more regular, systematic and sophisticated fare review mechanisms that will make it possible to sustain the provision of public transport service


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