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October 2012
Metro, light rail and tram systems in Europe

Produced as part of UITP’s cooperation with the European Rail Research Advisory Council, this publication provides a picture of the metro and light rail systems running in Europe.

October 2012

The second edition of the Observatory of Employment in Public Transport presents the main challenges in hiring and retaining staff in Europe.

February 2012
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

This MoU has been signed in February 2012 by representatives of the organisations for technical specifications of VDV KA (Germany), ITSO (UK), AFIMB (France) and Calypso Network Association [...]

November 2011

To tackle the societal problems of global warming and security of energy supply, the EC have put forward the concept of ‘decarbonisation’, together with increased resource-efficiency.

October 2011

Buses with High Level of Service – BHLS – are a way of improving the efficiency of the bus system through improved reliability, as well as customer support and marketing.

April 2011

As essential hubs, cities bring together people’s homes and economic, social and cultural activities.

April 2011
Observatory of employment in public transport - 1

The first edition of the Observatory of Employment in Public Transport provided, for the first time, a worldwide estimate of the number of jobs created by urban public transport.

November 2010

Security and Safety

January 2010
Activity Report 2009

UITP European Department's Activity Report for the year 2009.


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