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February 2020

UITP and ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) teamed up to produce a report about road safety, and how public transport can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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January 2020

Tram and light rail systems are available in 392 cities around the world, with more than half of them in Europe.

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November 2019

As of 31 December 2018, tram and light rail systems (both described as LRT in this article) are available in 389 cities across the world.

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October 2019

Originally designed to combat congestion in crowded cities, metro systems have confirmed their powerful attraction for politicians, the business community and even the travelling public.

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September 2019

LVC is more than just a funding method; it is about creating a governance framework that integrates transport and land use, so that developments can be undertaken jointly for an optimised urban env

August 2019

The UITP Policy Brief "The Impact of Electric Buses on Urban Life" details the benefits electric buses can bring to cities, and to help better understand their various infrastructural impacts on urban spaces and space needs. This Policy Brief studies and explains what the advancement of electric buses can contribute to increasing urban quality of life.

July 2019

UITP acknowledges that BRT is one of the biggest innovations the bus domain has ever seen because of the transformative effect they can have on cities in terms of congestion and air pollution.

July 2019

In this report, the main results of a world-wide survey on more than 320 bus operators in 46 countries, including 29 European countries, are presented.

May 2019

As of March 2018 there are more than 1,000 km of metro lines in Fully Automated Operation (FAO) worldwide.


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